90 Day Challenge: Day 21 – Discover What You Are Capable Of

You are capable of making a big difference in your life and to society, but you’ll never know if all you do is sit and think about it. If you want to discover what you are capable of you may have to try something that you haven’t tried before. Don’t be like some who give up even before trying – believing their dreams aren’t possible even without giving it a try. What decision will you make today? Day 21 video is YouTube and I would love to hear from you!

Challenge Yourself!

Challenge Yourself!

Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world, but before Usain Bolt began running the 100-meter races he was a 400-meter runner with a bright future. He was seen as someone who would dominate the event. In fact, he also ran record times in the 400 meters. But one day,  he decided to compete in the 100-meter races   At 6’5, he was taller than the normal sprinter, but he tried anyway and the rest is history. How did Usain Bolt find out that he was capable of running the 100 meters? He gave it a try. He went to the starting blocks. Well, in track and field that’s what you do but getting started was the starting point.

We will not know our capabilities until we make a decision to try. You may not become the fastest man or woman in the world, but with a simple decision you can change your life in remarkable ways. What happen at times is that some people allow the fear of failure or the fear of making mistakes to stop them. Remember, you’ll never know until you TRY. You could be the next best thing in whatever field you choose to venture in, but you’ll never know if you don’t give it a try.

You have greatness in you, and in order to live that greatness you have to stop rereading your old chapters. This is especially true if you want to find out what awaits you in the next chapter. Decide today to discover a better you; the “you” that only needs a chance to shine. With this in mind, you may not start off winning but if you continue, your finish can be more than you’ve expected.

Don’t be the one to limit what you are capable of.


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One response to “90 Day Challenge: Day 21 – Discover What You Are Capable Of

  1. Richard, I reflect with great interest and wonderment your reference to our capabilities. It seems we go through much of life thinking we know exactly what our capabilities, and limitations, are, perceptual boundaries that put up a barrier to our ability to exceed our goals and expectations. Imagine how our own perceptions of ourselves and our capabilities could work either for or against us and perhaps ultimately limiting our successes in life. What a terrible shame it would be to limit our own future because of negative expectations.

    Greatness is a matter of perception as well. We must be the architect and engineer of our own destiny through the belief that we truly can be all we wish to be…nothing else matters.

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