90 Day Challenge: Day 22 – Don’t Wait To Celebrate

If today is the first day after you have made the decision to go after your dreams? Celebrate! Is this your first week of going after your dream? Celebrate! If this is your first month or the first year, it doesn’t matter where on the journey you are and even if you haven’t reached your desired goal, celebrate! You don’t have to wait until you have accomplished all that you have set out to accomplish before you celebrate. Celebrate the small successes, the small wins and even the challenges that you have overcome. CELEBRATE! In fact, you are already a winner because you have decided to go after your dreams and that in itself is worth celebrating. Some people don’t even try, and because you have gotten off the bench and entered the field to play, celebrate!

Challenge Yourself!

Challenge Yourself!

Why is it important to celebrate? The good thing about celebrating as you go along on your journey to accomplish your dream is that it helps to motivate you, keep you inspired and it brings joy to you. Do we need to be motivated while in pursuit of our dreams? Of course we do! When we are motivated and inspired, we are more fired up to take action. When we take action towards our goals and see the progress, we feel happier about ourselves. So, if you haven’t celebrated any of your successes yet, take the time NOW and celebrate and enjoy the feeling. You deserve it!

First thing to remember, “You had a purpose before anyone had an opinion,” and to put it another way, don’t let anyone’s opinion stop you from celebrating along the journey towards achieving your BIG DREAM. As Oprah Winfrey stated, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” Now you know, so CELEBRATE!

Celebrate right where you are!


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One response to “90 Day Challenge: Day 22 – Don’t Wait To Celebrate

  1. Richard, this week a new client of mine, whose business is in its fifth year young, told me that she and her marketing team have learned much since my engagement four short weeks ago and that she looks forward to our ongoing relationship into the future as they grow with my help developing their website content and search optimization to where it needs to be moving forward.

    What a remarkable testament from a client about my efforts and innovative thinking on their behalf. I am engaging my client in the notion that their customer potential goes well beyond immediate regional proximity. When they approached me their vision was to “refresh” their website, the first improvements since their business launch.

    One week ago I undertook a comprehensive analysis of their textual and visual content and assured them that their reach could indeed be global in a short period of time with the right mechanics in place. Today the owner expressed her sincere appreciation for what I have done on their behalf at this early juncture in the project and that she wished she had found me long before now.

    One only needs to see that kind of positive, self-empowering feedback to know that the possibilities, our possibilities, truly are without limitation. I exercised calculated, intuitive judgement to share my honest assessment of their website assets and liabilities and in the process exceeded their expectations right out of the starting gate. Today I am as excited about those possibilities for that client, and for myself…for we have both taken critical steps moving forward.

    Today…I celebrate.

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