90 Day Challenge: Day 23 – You Can Make Today Great

What you do with your day is up to you, but as you already know at times things happen that we have no control over. However, you can impact your life in a great way if you do at least one worthwhile thing each day. It doesn’t have to be a life changing act, but if it is worthwhile it can make your day great. I love this quote by Martin Luther King, “If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, keep moving forward.” That is to say, no matter what, find a way to do something worthwhile because you can.

Challenge Yourself!

Challenge Yourself!

There is something I want to share with you from my day yesterday. Of the more than 100 wonderful people I spoke with, a young man shared with me a very profound observation that after he said it, all I could do was look at him. I wasn’t shocked, but I really loved his state of consciousness. He said the reason people don’t have what they want is because “they haven’t learned how to do without in order to get what they want.” Do you believe if you do without some things, you can get what you want? We are living in a time of instant gratification where people seem to want it all right now, but can you do without to get what you want? I just felt the need to share this with you, because sometimes our own awareness needs checking. Remember, you may have to do without some things in the mean time in order to get to your BIGGER GOAL.

“Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.”


Thank you for your support!

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2 responses to “90 Day Challenge: Day 23 – You Can Make Today Great

  1. Richard, engaging in this post is timely for me. Doing without can become a reality at any time in our lives and I have come to realize the sacrifices that are involved in pursuing our dreams. Success does not come neatly packaged with a bright red ribbon on top nor handed to us on a silver platter.

    For the young man that you have quoted here that is indeed a profound perspective. That young man has perhaps experienced the great challenges of doing without and has a clear vision of what he wants to acquire and achieve in his lifetime because of those challenges. He knows that it is up to him to make better things happen and that it will only come about through great effort and commitment on his part.

    Every day I examine what I have been doing and gauge the results. Every day I modify my approach, my techniques, my perspective in order to see even the smallest success when I rise and re-examine my efforts the following day. Every day I strive to learn something new from those who have achieved the success that I desire.

    Every day I discover positive growth in my efforts and results…how great a day is that?!

  2. Thanks, Don. Indeed, sacrifice is required for accomplishing our dreams.

    Have blessed a weekend.

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