90 Day Challenge: Day 24 – D.A.R.E To Be Great

I trust that you believe it is possible for you to make a difference. If you do, make sure you do as Mark Twain says, “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

When I came up with the title “D.A.R.E To Be Great”  for one of my speaking topics, I was in the initial stage of facing my fears, my fear of speaking in public to be more exact. You know the saying – face your fears and the fears disappear. Well, I realized from reading and observing that there are several principles that we all have to apply to our pursuits if we want to accomplish more out of life. In fact, it was then that I found out that I love to use acronyms to give meaning to my ideas.

Challenge Yourself!

Challenge Yourself!

Get on board with your passion.

In short, I am going to share with you the four things to be mindful of if you want to have a chance of being great. It’s time to start achieving more because it is possible, but to do so, you have to be DISCIPLINED to the point where you do what you have to do without someone telling you what to do. The next is ACTION. Nothing gets done without it. To be great is your RESPONSIBILITY, and it is a vital component for your success. The last of the four is ENERGY and all we do consisted of exerting energy.  Our energy links to time and how we spend our time matter. Not only that, you need to be mindful of who you are spending that time with. It’s not too late to be GREAT, because if you can discipline yourself, take action, take full responsibility for your life and use your time wisely you can make it happen.

The ODDS are no match to your capability.


Thank you for your support!

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One response to “90 Day Challenge: Day 24 – D.A.R.E To Be Great

  1. Richard, your inspired and enthusiastic comments today are acutely centered around who I am and what I wish to accomplish with my life. Your acronym reads like a catalyst, a kinetic life force that dwells within ourselves that we need to discover and nurture as we drive ourselves forward on a road we alone travel.

    Sometime I get a duality of senses when it comes to pursuing my goals, running my business, forging ahead with disciplined, instinctual process on my clients’ behalf every day. At times it feels quite solitary, alone and singular yet other times again I draw from my focus as a companion on that road to success. I know and believe in the potential and derive fuel to reach my destination (and destiny) from that kinetic energy as I travel down that road to success.

    Belief in one’s self is the greatest force of energy and balance one can ever experience. The essence is in utilizing those forces of energy and balance to help us achieve the successes we so innately desire.

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