90 Day Challenge: Day 29 – PUSH – The Power Is In The “P”

I have shared with you yesterday how to find your passion because, it is possible for you to find what you are passionate about and that can be done by giving what you are thinking about a try. The power is in the “P”

Challenge Yourself!

Challenge Yourself!

Well, today I want to let you know that you will never know your limits until you push yourself to them. Can you do it? Yes You Can!

I remember sharing with a friend who wanted to lose weight but always stops when he start feeling pain in his knees. Well, most of us would because sometimes pain is hard to bear. However, one day I was running and it came in my spirit that pain is weakness leaving the body. So, one day I shared with him what had come to my spirit while running that the pain he was feeling could be weakness leaving his body. He nodded and stated that it could be true and said he was going to push past the pain. Surprisingly he loses the weight he wanted to lose for the longest. I say that to say, some days you have to PUSH – persist until something happen – practice until something happen – pray until something happen and whatever other verb you can find, do it until something GOOD happen.

So don’t stop because what you are doing is hard.

In fact, I have seen where HARD WORK out do genetics. At times it’s not the most talented that always win but the one who is CONSISTENT in what they do.

It time to PUSH – Persist – Practice – Participate – Prepare – Paint – Preach – Pray but don’t stop until something happen. Then, do it even more!

There is more in us than we first have realized and after that you’ll still realize that there is more.


Thank you for your support!

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2 responses to “90 Day Challenge: Day 29 – PUSH – The Power Is In The “P”

  1. Most inspiring Richard. There certainly isn’t a silver lining on the journey to success, nor are the roads along the way sugar-coated! It takes courage, perseverance and the will and determination to see it all through in order to realize a better life for ourselves.

    The process can be painful as you say and we have to decide, before we even begin the journey, that we will stay the course. You mentioned in a recent post that we have to follow our dreams, our goals and as you say here to give it a try. We have to DO IT with a focus even greater than anything we have drummed up before. I know that ‘maybe’ just isn’t in my vocabulary and never will be.

    Best wishes to all and thank you again Richard for always reinforcing our beliefs and shoring up our need for positive energy when the going sometimes gets a little hard to bear.

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