90 Day Challenge: Day 32 – You Cannot Expect Victory While Planning For Defeat

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Do we purposely plan for defeat? For the most part and on a conscious level we don’t but what I do know is that we want to be winners, we want to achieve more and we want to be victorious. With all those expectations we sometimes and more often than we should contradicted what we expected with the things we constantly think about and the actions we take. If we expect victory I believe our thoughts and actions should meet our expectations. If our thoughts and actions are in line with our expectations we’ll be more likely to stay on track.

Challenge Yourself!

Challenge Yourself!

You can have doubt, as we all do at times but don’t allow doubt to take over your mind.

Will things go wrong? Sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we should allow the things that didn’t go as we have planned to take over our mind. First thing to remember, we may not get it right and that’s fine but we should not allow ourselves to drift too far from our purpose or our intended expectations.

Nevertheless, if your thoughts and actions are not yet leading you to your goals or to accomplishing your dreams you can start today to think and act like you expect victory. Tell yourself what you want to believe and I don’t believe in talking about what can’t happen (I’ve heard too much of that already when I was much younger) but talk about what is possible, what can be. I don’t know if you believe in law of attraction but we do attract to us what we think about most. In fact, our dominant thoughts always influence the actions we take.

Having expectations is not all; we have to make sure that our THOUGHTS and ACTIONS match our expectations.


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6 responses to “90 Day Challenge: Day 32 – You Cannot Expect Victory While Planning For Defeat

  1. Inese Poga Art Gallery

    This is very true! It can be hard sometimes to stick to such a path, but winning strategy should include the victory as a primary objective. It will not always happen that way, but still: we cannot convince anybody else if we are not 100% sure for ourselves.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It can be a challenge for sure but whenever we fall off track all we have to do is get back on and don’t be too hard on ourselves in the process.

  2. I have known an extremely wealthy entrepreneur who has invested heavily in Orlando, Florida. I asked him what his process was for closing a highly sought deal. He said, “I visualize the three worst things that can result from my offer, and if I can live with/absorb them, I close the deal”. This process runs against the grain of conventional decision making. I suppose it is one of the primary reasons that he has been so prosperous.

    • Bill thanks for sharing that. Appreciate it. It is always good to have an idea of what may go wrong and if we can live with it as you have stated then we should go forth on the journey. However, I do believe the wealthy entrepreneur didn’t dwell on what may go wrong – he acknowledged it. That means he wasn’t blindsided. Have a bless weekend.

  3. Like I do for my clients, Richard, I plan my day to accomplish what I have promised my clients I will do on their behalf and always extend something more in order to exceed their expectations…and my own. A highly successful friend of mine favours the saying “Always undersell and over-achieve to exceed expectations by giving the client MORE” and he has made that a lifetime commitment for each and every client. His success has been remarkable.

    Being realistic about our goals, broken down into sizeable bites each day, is much more palatable and achievable than attempting to swallow the meal whole.

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