90 Day Challenge: Day 34 – A Very Simple Way To Boost Your Mood and Increase Your Confidence

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Feeling good feels so good and such feeling will definitely make us get more things done. I can almost guarantee that you would want to have a productive day and with a productive day your confidence will definitely increase. Moreover, progress will make you feel good about yourself.

Challenge Yourself!

Challenge Yourself!

From my experience I found that when I am not in a good mood or lack the confidence to take life on I always get fewer things done. By the same token, I found a simple change that has boosted my mood and increased my confidence immensely.

I don’t know how often you dress up but I know when I do my deposition always changed and a good feeling take over.

What is your mood like now? Are you feeling down? If you haven’t dressed up in a while go to your closet and take something out, one of your best outfit and even if you have nowhere specific to go, put it on and see how quickly your mood change. What you wear should enhance your mood not something to make you feel uncomfortable.

A lot of time people say to me that it always seems that you are in a good mood and I often say to them that I choose to be but also how I choose to dress plays a part in my deposition. How I feel always a reflection through my attitude towards life.

I know this is somewhat different from what I normally write but I know when I feel good I do good and I would want for you to have the same feeling. Why, when you feel good you’ll feel more empowered to take life on. In fact, you’ll also get some compliments too and the compliments will enhance your mood. Go ahead; take note on how you feel when you dress up verses when you don’t!

One simple change can make a big difference a BIG difference in how you feel.


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2 responses to “90 Day Challenge: Day 34 – A Very Simple Way To Boost Your Mood and Increase Your Confidence

  1. Through my career, Richard, putting a suit on five days a week was pretty routine but it truly does give one a sense of best appearance, much as the saying “dress for success”, and emotionally a good feeling as well. I have chosen a select few activities or approaches to uplifting my spirits over the years…we have to treat ourselves to those things we enjoy in life as consistently as possible…whether, like yourself, a good run; I walk to work off stress and clear my hear; a bike ride, a scenic drive, a boat run on the lake or ocean…whatever makes us feel good and a step away from the stresses and pressures of the day.

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