90 Day Challenge: Day 39 – Be Patient With Yourself

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To get the results you have envisioned sometimes will take longer than expected. Be patient.

Challenge Yourself!

Challenge Yourself!

I know you wouldn’t mind having the result at the snap of your fingers, but it doesn’t really happen like that in the real world. Great accomplishment takes time but what happen to most of us is, we compare ourselves to others who are doing better or in our eyes are doing better than us. Then, we start to feel bad about the lack of progress on our part. What we sometimes fail to understand is that they have put in the tireless effort and it’s that effort made then look as flawless as they are today. Go ahead check out my day 39 video on YouTube. I would love to hear from you.

Don’t think because it is taking you longer you will not get there. “The best is yet to come”. Be patient.

So, if what you are doing is new or even if you have been doing it for some time now don’t be too hard on yourself if you are not where you believe you should be on the resulting scale. Some things just take longer and not because it is taking longer doesn’t mean you should quit or there is no possible way for you to get the results you want.

Don’t allow the delay to discourage you. Never give up!

Well, if that’s how you been feeling, I want to remind you, be patient with yourself because for great changes to happen patience is required. Don’t stop because it gets hard. Don’t stop because the process is taking longer than expected. Don’t blame yourself because you didn’t produce the results you have envisioned. Despite the unpleasant experience on your way to your desired goal, remember, to be patient.

When working on YOU, it’s not an overnight thing. Even when you think you have all the answers you are still going to encounter some bumps on the journey. Why? You may still lack the belief to what is really possible. Believe in yourself. Be patient with yourself.

Getting better is a process and getting better never really ends. We grow as we go!


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One response to “90 Day Challenge: Day 39 – Be Patient With Yourself

  1. Thank you once again for you inspired insights Richard and I really enjoy the connection with your videos, as linked here. When the going gets challenging patience is a critical engagement to see us through those difficult times. The energy needed to stay focused, and patient, is something we need to develop and embrace every day.

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