90 Day Challenge: Day 41 – Why Do We Resist The Belief That We Are Capable

Our perception on life matters because thriving is more than having the ability.

Fear stops most people from living their dreams. Don’t allow FEAR to stop you. Feel the fear but act anyway. If you think too much on what others is going to say or what they are saying about you that too can cause you not to reach your full potential. People are going to talk regards of what you do. Will you allow what others say to stop you? It’s time to live your dreams and not your fears. You have it you to go beyond you limiting beliefs but if you want to, you have to believe you can despite your fear or what others think about you.

You’ll never be motivated thinking about fear and if you can face the fear you’ll find in you a person you didn’t know existed. I didn’t know I could do that! Have you ever ask yourself that question? If you haven’t as yet, start taking action on that burning desire you were having.

You may want to think you are not resisting what’s possible but on the subconscious level you could be if the thoughts that you dwell on after you decide what you want more out of life are not in sync. To get to where you want to go, you must believe despite the fear. Don’t allow the fear to stop you. You are powerful beyond measures but if you keep questioning yourself if you can even without get into action, you are resisting the belief that you are capable.

We are liberated not because of what’s inside of us but by what we do with what’s inside.


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2 responses to “90 Day Challenge: Day 41 – Why Do We Resist The Belief That We Are Capable

  1. I imagine many people harbour their fears of what others will think Richard and that is a shame but perhaps a natural instinct. We have to understand and commit to focusing strictly on what we want to accomplish and maintain forward perspective. We spent too much time obsessed with social acceptance in that respect. We need to be our own person and pursue our dreams and beliefs accordingly.

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