90 Day Challenge: Day 44 – Living Below Your Means

I bought some more stuff…

Make what you have work for you, n0t against you. What’s your reason to live below your means?

“Rich people stay rich by living like they’re broke. Poor people stay broke by living like they’re rich.” Unknown

I have learned  a long time ago that it is not what you have earned that make you rich, it is what you keep from what you have earned. How much are you keeping?

You want to have the fun, that’s fine. You want to have the finer things in life, that’s fine too. But spending your money before you have it is not the wisest of practice. It can be hard to save out of the little, but I have heard many times where some people get an increase in pay and still find ways and means to spend the increase.

Living below your means is a habit and it’s a habit that can be developed.

Moreover, living below your means is not that you don’t have the money to spend, but a choice that one make to not spend on things that they don’t actually want. You can still be happy without the extra stuff, especially those stuff that doesn’t add value to your life.

To delay gratification can be a challenge, but it is a good habit to master.

In living below your means, it is buying the things that you want and want the things that you already have. It’s all part of being grateful, where you do appreciate what you already have and don’t think that you have to have more “stuff” to be happy.

You should not spend all you’ve earned.


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2 responses to “90 Day Challenge: Day 44 – Living Below Your Means

  1. If my parents instilled in me one thing that I carry with me to this day it is to ‘live within my means’. Like many people we have fallen into the trap of purchasing to excess not because we needed an item but because in the moment, a sadly compulsive moment, we caved in to our own craving to possess a material item we did not need nor comfortably had the means to afford.

    The whole concept revolves around having the discipline to say no to such cravings. It takes time to develop good habits such as sound financial planning and careful use of our finances…and not always the most pleasing to execute when really necessary.

    Remember that age old saying “a penny saved is a penny earned”!

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