90 Day Challenge: Day 45 – Pay Yourself First

The first step is always the hardest.

Our habit in regards money has to change. 

The principle of which I am sharing here is not new it is something we have heard a lot, but we don’t willingly practice it. The book the Richest Man in Babylon points it out and states that we should pay ourselves first. Pay ourselves 10% of all that we earn but what we do is pay ourselves last if we even do that. Well, you may not able to pay yourself 10% but don’t let that stop you from starting. Start with what you can and work your way up. It will all compound over time.

I am not your financial guru or your expert but I don’t think you need an expert to tell you that if you keep a part of what you have worked for, you will be better off financially in the long run if you put aside some of what you have worked for. I have read several books on creating wealth and although there are several different strategies on how to build financial freedom, you cannot go wrong with saving a part of what you have earned. Let’s make the shift. Let’s develop self-control when it comes on to our spending habit. Are you ready to change?

We earn the money, but our habit towards money is what’s off. 

You may want to say it’s hard or you don’t make enough, but there are people who make less and still are able to keep a part of what they have earned. It’s the habit we choose to develop that makes the difference in the long run. Yes, like all habits this too will take some time to develop but if you are serious about changing your financial status you will find a way. If you are not serious, on the other hand, you will find excuses. Let ‘s start the new habit even by saving only 1% of what you earn to begin with, then work your way up. 

It’s not too late to start a new habit.


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