90 Day Challenge: Day 47 – It Is Never Too Late To Start

Image courtsey of khaleejtimes.com

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” –George Eliot

Don’t let what happen in the past stop you from living the best life there is possible. Why it is never too late to start? Harry Bernstein an author of several rejected books who didn’t get his fist hit until the age of 96. Colonel Sandals was 62 when KFC was born. What have you been thinking about doing?

It’s time to start living your life with meaning and passion. Your life is not over so there is no reason why you should get up every day not making the best of it. What excites you? What brings joy to your heart? What do you enjoying doing? If you are not doing something that excites you, something that brings joy to your heart or something you enjoy doing, you are wasting your time. It doesn’t have to be that way and it’s never to0 late to start giving your life meaning. You too can live purposely. Make the decision to start living. Find something you enjoy and start doing it. This is one life and as they have said, “It is not a dress rehearsal” so make the best use of it.

I am too old.  I don’t have the money. I have failed before. There is no point, it’s too late. What you may want to say is, I will make no more excuses. I am going to start now. In fact, it is better to be late than not to start at all.

The point of you starting to do something that excites you is that your life will become more meaningful, more purposeful and that will come as a result of you realizing that it’s not too late to be, do and have what you want out of life. Those who think it’s too late to start may never get to realize or experience their ah-ah moment or what is possible for them. Don’t let that be you.

There is a lot we can change if we just decide. Start. Turn a new leaf. Believe.


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4 responses to “90 Day Challenge: Day 47 – It Is Never Too Late To Start

  1. Most inspiring insights Richard. This rings very true for me. Just eight years from a standard retirement age I set out to launch a new business applying the many skills that I have developed throughout my thirty year career. If there is any self-doubt for starting fresh, at any age, one need only engage in the testimonial of valued customers/clients to know that every step along the way was well worth the effort and commitment.

    Whenever we get to the point where we don’t feel fulfilled in life…it’s time to change what we’re doing to pursue that fulfillment. The rewards are undeniable.

  2. Thanks, Don. Glad you found it inspiring and indeed, what we do should be fulfilling.

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