90 Day Challenge: Day 52 – Embrace Your Power

Image courtesy of timeslive.co.za …Step into Your Greatness!

It’s time to trust yourself, make your life count and it’s time to expect the best from life.

Don’t be afraid to stand out. What we do sometimes is downplay our own abilities so we can fit in. There is no power in that. Playing small is actually giving your power away. Have you ever been told that you did a good job and you downplayed the validation by not embracing the well-deserved commendation? If you have, you didn’t embrace your power. Embrace it and let those who congratulate you know you appreciate it. Check out my day 52 video on YouTube and share your thoughts with me.

Don’t dim your light to please anyone…

You have a purpose to fulfill and yes, you may not want to let those around you feel bad so you suppress your greatness but, dimming your light will only rob you of your own happiness. You have a gift, give it! Share it! Embrace it! Shine your light for the world to see. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth and although some people may not like it, you too have a purpose to fulfill. When you embrace your power you give your life meaning because you decide to share with the world what’s inside you. Your unique ability, it may not be like those around you and that’s fine but you are in this world to leave your own imprint, leave your mark of which may just change the lives around you.

If you don’t step into your divine purpose there will be people who will not recognize theirs. It’s time to shine your light! Speak your truth! Live your purpose!

We sometimes live our lives at the mercy of others because we want to fit in. You are not here to fit in. You are the embodiment of something great – you are powerful beyond measure and if you want to live your greatness you’ll have to embrace your power – your personal power. Your gift, your uniqueness, embrace it. Don’t dim your light to please others God gave you a gift and you must give it, live it, share it and embrace it. Give the world what you have and don’t allow anything to stop you from being you.

Don’t be afraid to rock the boat.


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