90 Day Challenge: Day 66- How To Deal With Disappointment

Image courtesy of footage.framepool.com

Disappointment is one of the most difficult things to handle in life. Whether it is the failure of a relationship or a missed career opportunity, the emotions stemming from such an event are always hard to manage. Here is a look at a few simple ideas that you can implement in your life to help cope with disappointment.

In your eyes it may appear to be a disappointment but it could just be your spring board to something greater.

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  1. Acceptance: The first step is to accept to ourselves that nothing can be done about what has happened. It is important to know that feeling disappointment is a part of life and a part of living life. It is something that will always be and so acceptance is key to living with it.
  1. Recommit: Remember that disappointment is never the end of the road. It is just a minor setback from which we can always learn and grow. Think of the goal you had and the idea that you were pursuing. Though it may feel difficult now, it is important to believe in this idea and recommit to your goal.
  1. Learn from Experience: There is a great truth in the saying that it is only disappointments and failures that teach us how to live life. Evaluate the reasons that led to your disappointment and try to work out what you could have done better. Of course, sometimes it feels like you did everything right and still ended up disappointed. Well, even this happens sometimes and we just need to accept is as a part of life.
  1. Mindshift: Getting some perspective is very important when it comes to dealing with disappointment. Give yourself some space and don’t let the emotion overwhelm you. Have a broad view of the situation and your own actions. Look at it from someone else’s perspective or even in the larger picture of your life. Sometimes we do tend to overestimate the problems in our personal life.
  1. Remember your reason: Reset and start anew. This is a powerfultrait that is essential in achieving your goals. While disappointments can leave us in despair, do remember that it only means you need to commit to your goals again. Maybe you can do things a bit differently for different results, but the important thing is to not forget your goals.

It can be hard to accept the disappointment, but sometimes we have to lose some things to get some things and for the most part it is always better things. A disappointment is not the end. It may just be your beginning of something greater!

When one door closes another door open and remember, the best is yet to come!


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