90 Day Challenge: Day 68 – 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Happy

Image courtesy of one.garazx.cu.cc

We all want to feel happy. We all want to be happy. We all want to feel that our lives matter. The truth about it is, you can be happy and your life does matter. With that said, there are some simple things that we can starting doing to have a happier life and to feel more fulfilled. Being happy is a matter of the choices that we make in our everyday lives and those choices that I am about to share with you may just help you to be happier. Let’s see!

If you want to be happy:

1. Stop waiting for the perfect time to start doing what you love. Doing what you love is what is going to bring joy to your life, so why putting that experience off. Start, even if it is not on a full-time basis.

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.” – Unknown

2. Stop judging your self-worth based on what you don’t have. Comparing yourself to others is one of the worst things you can do. You are unique and you have greatness in you and if you want more out of life, know that it is possible. Remember this; you always have to start from where you are.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Roosevelt

3. Stop waiting for others to love you before you love yourself. The person you are going to spend the most time with is yourself and if you can’t love that person, you are not going to be happy period. Loving yourself is a key part of your happiness.

“I’m too busy working on my grass to notice if yours is greener.” –Unknown

4. Stop making excuses for everything you don’t do. As the have said: “Excuses are lies we tell ourselves” and the worst lies you can tell are the ones you tell yourself. So start doing, especially if the things you have put all this time into will bring some joy to your life. Remember, this is not a test run. This is it!

“Excuses are the nail used to build a house of failure.” – Jim Rohn

5. Stop holding yourself hostage for past mistakes. It is time to forgive yourself and, in fact, you can’t change what went wrong. All you need to do now is learn from it but don’t let what happened in the past stop you from being happy.

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it enlarges the future.” Paul Boese

We are all worthy of being happy, but remember, sometimes it’s us who prevents our own happiness.


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