90 Day Challenge: Day 71 – You Are Not Unlucky (See How You Can Create Your Own Luck)

Your ‘YES’ is close!

I can’t believe it happened to me again. I am just the unlucky one. Stop! Not to be harsh but you are not unlucky. If you keep saying that you are unlucky that is what you will keep on experiencing and believing.

You too may have heard the well-known saying: “What you think you are, you are. So, if you are saying that you are unlucky just because you didn’t get the result you wanted, that doesn’t mean you are unlucky. What you are actually doing is creating a ripple effect of what you don’t want. Our thoughts are powerful! You may want to start saying to yourself “I am lucky” a better phrase to use when addressing yourself. Use persistent, positive affirmations. Remember, whatever you think you are, you are. Bear in mind, in creating your luck it’s not only about thinking.

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You should already know that you have to work for what you want. Besides, you may already have been working hard, but I know life sometimes throws us a curve ball. Then everything changes. By the same token, you have people who have great ideas but do nothing about them. This is for you; I am here to let you know that you can create your own luck. To make it clear, “There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs”. Be prepared. But you can do it!

Well, I want to share with you three simple known ways to create your own luck. If you are already lucky, this is not really for you but you can share them with someone. These are not new, but a reminder will not do you any harm.

We make our own choices. If we “Yes to” or “No to” it is still our choice.

The first is, face your fears. Too many times we miss out on an opportunity because we fear what will or will not happen. However, in this case if you are thinking about creating your own luck, you should face your fears. What you are refusing to do may have within it, your golden opportunity to have the life you always wanted and deserved. It’s been said that when you face your fears the fear disappear. It’s time to face your fears.

The second is, approach everything with a positive mental attitude. This is critical. Why? Things are not going to go as we plan them. Therefore, how we respond matters. By having a positive mental attitude, you may be asking yourself why me, but looking at how to benefit from what has happened. You can’t go wrong by being positive despite the situation. Know this, as Victor Hugo states: “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”

The third way to create your own luck is to ask for what you want. Have you ever said that someone is going to say no to you? Has that same person eventually said yes to you when you developed the courage to ask? Do you really want to create your luck? Then start asking. You have heard several times, and I too can ask more often. “ask and it shall be given unto you” (or ‘ask and ye shall receive.’) Don’t say no for anybody, because the next person you ask may just be the pathway to your greatest success!

Don’t be the one to stop you from having the life you deserve!


Thank you for your support!

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