90 Day Challenge: Day 72 – What Gives Your Life Meaning?

beauty is from the inside out!

In our moment of quietness or stillness, the questions we ask ourselves have the potential of revealing answers to us that we may have struggled to find. I want to pose this question to you and I will suggest that you give it some thought because when you do answer it, it will allow you to have a more fulfilling life. We all want to feel as if have on purpose in our lives. Question: What gives your life meaning? Think about!

Sometimes in life we refuse to love what we love because we are trying to please others. Let’s clear the air. The answer to the above question is going to be different and that is totally fine. What is important is that we find the answer to such an important question, and that answer will make our existence on earth a more pleasant one. I can almost state with certainty that most of the answers will fall into the category of; living out one’s life purpose, having someone to share their life with, empowering and helping others, waking up every day to something that they are passionate about or their family that brings joy to their heart. It sounds simple but how much thought have we given that question?

A quick reminder, and this should lessen your frustration. Choose what gives your life meaning because of you and not because of what everybody else is doing around you.

What do I really want to do?

You will ask yourself that question and you will get the answers too. But, you may ask that question again. I say that to say, what gives your life meaning today may change but whatever you choose to do should bring some meaning to your life in a way that you feel good about whatever you are doing.

Whatever you do is what you choose to do but will it make you happy and can it make others happy?

Things change. People change but once you are growing and making a positive contribution to humanity, I would consider that a meaningful existence. I am not here to judge or stake a claim because I have recognized that we are all unique and what we do in this life will not be the same as everyone else. Don’t waste your time forcing anything.

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What gives your life meaning?


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2 responses to “90 Day Challenge: Day 72 – What Gives Your Life Meaning?

  1. When you live your life doing what fulfills you it’s amazing how much happier you truly are. It is so worth the time to take and mull over the question you pose. Great points about what gives you meaning today may change…and that’s perfectly ok too!

  2. Indeed Deb. Indeed. Thanks for sharing and yes, we’ll be happier when doing what’s fulfills us.

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