90 Day Challenge: Day 74 – Where You Will Not Find Me

Image courtesy of boss hiding

There are some places that you will not find me and some of those places you may have already been avoiding yourself. If you are chasing your dreams; following your passion and are committed to being the best version of yourself, these lines will resonate:

You will not find me on the seashore waiting for my ship to come in because I did not send one out.

You will not find me in the group of complainers and blamers, especially when I know that I should take full responsibility for the things I do.

You will not find me in the group that doesn’t believe in possibilities; I have seen too much to doubt that my dream is possible.

You will not find me in the group that has given up on life; I believe in myself too much to allow those who don’t believe to stop me.

You will not find me in the group that constantly makes excuses; I have come to believe that excuses are lies that we tell ourselves and I am not lying to myself.

You will not find me in the group that is leaving their life to chance; I realize when you choose what you want in life you are more likely to get the things you want.

You will not find me in the group that thinks life is always against them; I have noticed that when I am optimistic about life despite challenges the broader my scope of vision is.

Where will they find you?

On this journey we call life that quest will have its ups and downs but choosing what to do in the up-times or the downtimes are totally up to us.  Can it be difficult to choose at times? Absolutely!

But what you don’t want to be doing is waiting, complaining, doubting or stop believing in the possibilities.

Sometimes you may feel uncertain but don’t let that stop you! Keep pressing on!

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Where will they not find you? Just curious!


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