90 Day Challenge: Day 80 – Challenge Your Limits

man challenging his limit by climbing rocks.

Image courtesy of organicthemes.com

Don’t take what you have already accomplished to all that you can accomplish your life. There is so much more that you are capable of doing. 

When was the last time you tried doing something that wasn’t easy to do?

A few months ago a friend of mine asked me to take part in a 10,000 push-up challenge and at first I contemplated on how on earth I’m going to do all those push-ups in one month. That was the first thought that was playing on in my mind. Well, most of us are guilty of thinking that we can’t even before we try.

I have been an athlete all my life and to be honest, I’m not sure if I had even done 10,000 push-ups over a two-months period. I decided to take the challenge on and what better way to walk the talk than to challenge myself to do something that I have never done. I tell people to challenge themselves all the time. It was time for me to jump in and challenge my limits.

It’s the thought on how difficult the challenge is that prevents most of us from realizing how capable we are.

Check out today’s video on YouTube and share your feedback with me. 

In the first stage, it was a bit easy then it gets hard and after a while it gets easy again. Well, eventually I completed the challenge and to be honest with you I love the results that I got. However, you may not want to do a 10,000 push-up challenge as I did. You could do something as simple as increasing the amount of kindness you show to people, eating more home-cooked meals or if you are an entrepreneur talking to more prospects daily could be your challenge. To challenge your limits doesn’t have to be strenuous but it is for you to do more than you have done before in anything you so choose to do.

For me, what I realized was that I had the strength and ability to do it all along but I was normally satisfied with doing one hundred and calling it quits. What have you called quits on because you are thinking that is all you can do? You can do so much more if you just challenge yourself to do it.

The voice of doubt is going to sing to you, but you can ignore it.

To challenge ourselves will take us out of our comfort zone and make us realized that we can eventually do more. But you know what? We believe the small voice that tells us that we can’t, but if we can get past that first stage of doubt we would surprise ourselves on how much more we are capable of. You may have heard or read the quote that goes like this: “Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.” You’ll only get better as a result of challenging your limits.

What will you challenge yourself to do?


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