90 Day Challenge: Day 82 – Making Tough Decisions

Business man thinking about what next to do in his life.

Image courtesy of careeraddict.com

If we are honest, we would say we don’t like to make the tough decisions, but we know that in life we have to make some tough decisions at times.

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”  – Robert Schuller

In life, we all will reach that juncture where we have to ponder, do some soul searching, pray or talk with a good friend to ensure the decision we are about to make is the best decision. For me, I don’t really classify my decisions as best or worst but I do look at the pros and cons of the decision. We all want to make sure whatever decisions we are about to make is going to work for our good. Right! Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work in our favor.

However, before you judge the outcome bear in mind that even though it did not go your way means it is not for the better.

“Decision are the hardest thing to make especially when it is a choice between where you should be and where you want to be.” –Unknown

When it’s time to make a decision fear will rise its ugly head because most times our decisions will be taking us into the unknown. That’s understandable but for us to really know what else is out there for us, we sometimes have to take the chance.

We may want to ask ourselves, what we are afraid of in regards to making the decision. Is it that we are thinking that we are going to fail? Is it because of the fear of success? It is because of what others may think of us? What I know is that people will talk if you do or don’t do anything in life. Moreover, sometimes we are the one who stands in our own way.

“It is in the moment of decision our destiny is shaped.” –Tony Robbins

I normally ask myself two questions when I am faced with making tough decisions and I have made several tough decisions in my lifetime. However, the first question I normally ask myself is, can I deal with the outcome?  And, will making this decision take me closer to my goal? Did I get it right all the time? Nope. But I learn something from every decision I’ve made.

I have used how I felt after making a decision to judge if the decision was right or wrong. Well, you may want to say the time when you made your decision it felt good but it still didn’t work the way you want it to.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t the right decision at that time. You may just have to make another tough decision. We have to make decisions all the time.

Sometimes things do not go as plan, but I always learn and gain valuable experiences from the decisions I have made.

A note of caution: We all deal with disappointment differently, so whenever you are faced with making a tough decision you may want to think it through thoroughly before you make the decision. In fact, don’t make the decision base on your emotions.

What decision do you find the hardest to make?


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