90 Day Challenge: Day 83 – A Simple Way To Positively Influence Your Life

Man forgiving himself

Image courtesy of livehappy.com

We don’t have to wait for someone else to positively influence our lives for  our lives to be positively impacted. We can if we can exercise this very simple but powerful daily practice. Well, before I cemented what I wanted to share with you in concrete I called a friend of mind, Ms. Louis, who is like a mother to me and she is also a Prosperity Coach on today’s topic. At first I wanted to share with you that you can do something daily that you are passionate about and I believe doing so could positive influence your life.

However, as Ms. Louis said to me, “Practice Forgiveness” I immediately said YES, THAT’S IT! What happens when we forgive is, we remove the unnecessary and unhealthy thoughts from our consciousness. You may be saying, how will your life be positively influenced by practicing forgiveness? Well, you’ll free your mind and heart from the thoughts and emotions that will only keep you stuck.

When we are in a state that we are not able to think of the possibility or the positive things we will only keep ourselves from seeing the available opportunities.

What is also good about forgiveness and Louise Hay said it best, “The act of forgiveness takes place in our mind. It really has nothing to do with the other person.” Also, one of the awesome things that happen when we forgive is that we free ourselves? We’ll be lighter and less burdensome.  We’ll be able to focus on the right things and the things that really matter.

“Let no man pull you low enough to hate hm.”Martin Luther King Jr.

You too may have heard, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” It’s time to show your true strength and positively influence your life.

People may have hurt you. Forgive them. People may have mistreated you. Forgive them. People may have called you out your name. Forgive them. One thing you must be aware of is unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. What you are doing by not forgiving is poisoning your own self.

Greater things are in store for you and sometimes the best thing to do is give whatever had happened to you to the power that’s greater than yourself.

Be strong today and grow beyond your Limitations.


Thank you for your support!

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