90 Day Challenge: Day 90 – Today Marks A New Beginning

Plant growing. Growth!

Image courtesy of turupupu.ru

Do you know of anyone who has never felt like they wanted to quit?

Today is your opportunity to start something, something that can give your life new meaning. You may have been hurt. You may have never finished what you started but because today is a new day, you can decide that as of today you are going to have a better future. Don’t put off what you can become for another day because the life you want to live is possible.

Check out today’s video on YouTube and share your feedback with me.

There are two mistakes we can make after we establish a goal…not going all the way, and not starting.

I know over the past 90 days I have shared quite a lot, from starting before you are ready, to being unstoppable and even setting goals that stretch you. Remember, you are not unlucky but to prove that you must embrace your power and never forget that no one is born an average person.  I also know that on this journey we sometimes want to quit and I realize that quitting is actually easy but don’t let go of your dreams. In fact, if you are tired of starting over, it is simple, don’t quit.

We are not able to go in time to do what we should have or could have done, but we can start today to do whatever we always wanted to do.

Today may be the end of a particular journey in your life or you may have reached a milestone that you have set for yourself but at the end of each journey there is always a new beginning. What you choose to do at this moment in time being that you are at the end of a chapter in your life can make the difference in what you’ll be able to enjoy later in life.

I know you too may know what it feels like to have the urge to quit or have been discouraged but what I find helpful on my journey is to call on a friend or talk with someone who can give me the support that I need when the pressure is on. Don’t be afraid to seek help especially if you want to see your goal through, and in fact, you should want to see them through.

Challenge yourself in your next chapter.


Thank you for your support!

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10 responses to “90 Day Challenge: Day 90 – Today Marks A New Beginning

  1. First of all Richard, congratulations on Day 90 and I hope fellow followers now see things in a new perspective than what they saw 90 days ago. I’m sure they have gained as much benefit from your insights as I have in recent months.

    What you provide us with, Richard, is the means to connect…to connect with ourselves and what we truly want out of life. Perhaps the single most invaluable lesson I have learned reading your insights here and watching your videos is that every single day truly is the mark of new beginnings.

    What used to bring me down was not a failure or lack of achievement of my own…it was negative attitudes, self-defeating attitudes of close friends, work associates, even family who just couldn’t see the forest for the trees. If I made a helpful suggestion by sharing ideas that I knew, I KNEW they could accomplish by virtue of their skills and talents…they would respond in the negative by passively saying “yeah, but it probably won’t happen.” To me that was beyond confounding and I implored them to at least try…

    Finally I got to the point where I asked myself why I was spending so much time and energy trying to help others that won’t help themselves, won’t believe in themselves. That alone brought me back into focus for myself.

    Each morning when I sit down at my desk and open my laptop I click on the power button. The computer energizes and comes to life, icons and file shortcuts loading quickly like so many powerful ideas, markers of all that I do. I have a calendarized agenda set for each day, some being repetitive daily tasks for organization, others regular tasks on behalf of clients and some that are periodic like project deadlines…each one part of a new day with new beginnings.

    Then there are new ideas, new approaches that come to mind throughout the course of the day and with one click my calendar is open and I’m recording that new idea on the to-do list for follow-up actions. Even when I am out for a long walk or in the car enroute to a destination…when those new ideas occur I write them down and they in turn become new entries on my calendar.

    At the end of each day I sit back and marvel at how full my task list is for the next day, the next week, the next month. Some of those tasks may not go as exactly as I had envisioned them, but often even better!

    And then, THEN…as I rise in the morning, get my first hot coffee and settle in at my desk, boot up the laptop and open my calendar…again I marvel at the day’s lineup of new beginnings. I even had a new idea pop into my head while in the shower this morning…I hurried back to my desk to quickly jot it down…yet another new beginning!

    You know Richard, I now treat each and every day like today, like the new day I just described. I am highly motivated when I open that calendar because aside from the tasks that originated from a client, I have generated my own new ideas to investigate, to pursue. It was ME who created those new ideas and when those ideas of my own turn into something successful there is no better feeling…and for those success items I colorize them in a bold green color which for me is a bold ‘GO’ color…the color of new beginnings and successful conclusions.

    Like the beautiful budding plant in your photo today, tomorrow morning when I rise I will again celebrate new beginnings…there can be no greater motivation. Thank you once again, Richard, for all you inspire. There will always be tomorrows…and always new beginnings…if we only choose to embrace the opportunity that each new day brings.

    • Thanks, Don, thanks for those kind words. Appreciate it greatly. And yes, we have “…to embrace the opportunity that each day brings.” Thanks again, Don for sharing with us. Have a blessed day!

  2. Congratulations to you for completing your 90 day challenge!!! What’s next?

  3. Thanks, Deb. I will be writing still but have so many things in mind that I want to do. However, I will be focusing more on empowering our youth. I started my quest today by going to detention centers (inquiring) and other youth programs to inspire and empower as many as I can.

    Also, I am working on a new book that I believe a lot of people will like and appreciate.

    Have a blessed day.

  4. Hi Richard, I hope both your quest and your book are going well. I am here to challenge you to a much smaller challenge than 90 days…https://onceuponahotflash.wordpress.com/2015/08/23/three-day-quote-challenge-day-two/ Join if you can!

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