Why Is It Important To Be Emotionally Intelligent Today?

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When we understand our own emotions we have a better chance of understanding others.

Imagine if you didn’t have the ability to know when your boss is mad, or your friend is depressed. This aptitude is known as emotional intelligence. Put quite simply, emotional intelligence (EI) is the skill to identify, control and evaluate emotions. There are many schools of thought regarding this concept. While some believe that the ability can be learned and improved, others have the notion that it only exists as an inborn characteristic. Being emotionally intelligent benefits you in the following ways.

  • Relationship Management

Emotional intelligence is vital as it enables you to perceive the emotions of those around you and respond appropriately. Comprehending the needs, feelings and responses of those you care about helps you avoid situations that are likely to hurt them. Such a high sense of social responsibility is necessary for effective relationship management. In fact, people who are emotionally intelligent can build rapport and trust pretty quickly with others. This leads to the creation of fulfilling interpersonal relationships with colleagues, family and friends.

  • Conflict resolution

Being emotionally intelligent gives you the ability to discern people’s feelings and identify with their perceptions. This makes it easy to solve disputes or possibly shun them before they arise. Emotional intelligence is a vital skill, particularly for leaders who may need to resolve conflicts between staff members, clients, and other parties.

  • Self-awareness

Having emotional intelligence causes you to recognize your emotions as they happen. This self-actualization will enable you to understand clearly, all your strengths and weaknesses. This way, you can avoid situations that affect other people negatively and maximize on the good deeds.

  • Success

Emotional intelligence means you can identify your emotions. This in turn, makes you confident of your abilities. Such assertiveness makes you more self-motivated, which can reduce procrastination, and improve your concentration on goals. It also enables you to build networks of support and prevail over setbacks.

  • Physical Health

Emotional intelligence teaches you to deal with stress effectively. Frustrations and disappointments are inevitable in the present life. However, the crucial aspect is how you deal with distressing occurrences. If you have emotional intelligence, it will be easy to recognize your stress triggers; hence devise appropriate management techniques. This process of identifying the right stress tolerance methods is a prerequisite for your overall wellness.

  • Communication Skills

People who are emotionally intelligent are also good at communicating. They can express their opinions and emotions in an apt manner. What’s more, they know just the actions to take in varying intricate situations. Effective communication is a crucial skill for leaders, as it determines how employees implement your instructions.

Say something uplifting to the next person you meet because you don’t know how they are feeling inside.


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One response to “Why Is It Important To Be Emotionally Intelligent Today?

  1. Very interesting insights here once again Richard. How many people really look closely at these perspectives in relation to their own? Not many I would expect, including myself.

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