The World Needs The Special Gift That Only You Can Offer

ant showing it's strengths

What will you believe?

What are you waiting on? What have you been thinking about that you haven’t taken action on as yet? The world needs the special gift that only you can offer. It’s time to offer your gift!

“What the whole world is seeking are men and women who have the nerve to work and wait.” –Dennis Kimbro

What special gift do you have? Why haven’t you share it with the world? Think about it!

You have some great in you and I’m here to remind you because it’s only you who will be able to carry out that in you.

Are you still waiting to be perfect? Are you thinking about what the people around you going to think? 

“You have to be willing to give up who you have been to give birth to who you can become.” –Les Brown

It’s time for a change. Does what you think about excites you? If it does, why wait. Start today because passion is a vital key in being successful.

Don’t sit on your passion! It is your passion that is going to make your life meaningful. Exercising your passion will make you feel like you are on purpose. When you are on purpose life takes on a whole different meaning. Setbacks won’t even feel like setbacks because the man or woman on purpose takes what they go through as a phase.

You may not like the phase that you are in, but you still need to keep the engine running.

Look beyond your circumstances and you’ll go beyond your circumstances.

In life, you don’t want to allow what you are going through to stop you from achieving what you are capable of achieving.

It’s time to get up and get out and share your passion with the world. Exercising your passion could just liberate an entire nation, but more so, you’ll be liberated. Don’t conform to low standards. Don’t limit yourself. Think of the possibility. You are only one person away from your breakthrough in life but if you sit on your passion and don’t share it you won’t meet that right person.

When you take purpose seriously, what you do should  be aligned with your projected goal.


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2 responses to “The World Needs The Special Gift That Only You Can Offer

  1. First of all, Richard, I love this visual you have accompanying your post here! Never have I come to recognize what you explain here than when I decided at age 55 to start my own small business in professional services. There are many obstacles along the way but am I convinced that through perseverance I finally have the opportunity in this life to do what makes me passionate and do so for myself and my valued clients. Best of all, the success that I experience along the way will be all the more meaningful in the process.

    There are times when our situation feels as though we have hit a brick wall yet if we have the vision to do the possible, to see beyond the obstacles, we can clearly see room for moving forward.

  2. Thanks, Don! That’s what it’s all about, it’s never too late unless you think it is. You can start living your dream or doing what you always want to do because the ability to do it is always there!

    Sometimes we even surprise ourselves, but that’s good too because we now know we have stepped outside our comfort zones.
    All the best for the week ahead!

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