You May Be At A Disadvantage

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What you think is a disadvantage, someone else may see it as an advantage.

You will not be the last to think you are at a disadvantage, but it can be changed. In fact, there are millions before you who have once seen themselves at some point on their journey in a similar situation. Did they allow their disadvantage to hinder their belief in the possibility? They may have for a while! I will leave you to think about it. However, think about how you can use your disadvantage to creating a better life for yourself and others.

What you claim to be a disadvantage could have your treasure for a better life.

Some of us allows our immediate situation to kill the dream in our heart. So, if you see yourself at a disadvantage think about Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Hellen Keller, Tyler Perry, Rosa Parks, Beethoven and you may know others who despite their disadvantage become influencers for others. They change their situation and help others in the process to change theirs. I believe you too can be an influencer if you can see yourself beyond your disadvantage.

“To every disadvantage, there is a corresponding advantage.”W. Clement Stone

Well, if you really look at your situation and compare it to any of the above mentioned or someone you know that beat the odds you’ll realize that it is in their daily actions where the difference is made.  Is it easy to think constructively when you are down? No, but it can be done. To do so begins with you guarding your mind because it is always how you think in any situation that is going to make the difference in your life.

You already have the power within to change your life.

Therefore, if you want to change your disadvantage into advantage you have to think constructively. In thinking constructively, you’ll slowly banish the bad habit of reacting. A constructive thinker respond.

NB. If you are a constructive thinker teach your child to do the same.

Your drawback can serve as your catapult to your greatness.


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3 responses to “You May Be At A Disadvantage

  1. Constructive thinking leads us to problem solving. Those of high public profile and celebrity you have mentioned here Richard have all had their own seemingly monumental disadvantages to overcome yet they have achieved so much…remarkable stories. Their successes were not by chance, not by accident…they had a deep-seeded desire to overcome disadvantage, adversity. How truly inspiring and when their challenges are compared with our own we truly have to believe that nothing is insurmountable.

  2. Great way to look at perceived “disadvantages” – smart. Thanks for sharing.

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