I Bet You Sleep Well Tonight

Baby sleeping

Image courtesy of commons

I don’t know what you are thinking about or what is in your heart. For your heart, you may want to say it’s blood but for now I hope it’s love.

Do you know that there is someone out there with less money, fewer friends, and even a smaller sleeping space but will rest better than you? Why? They are not thinking about all the extra stuff as you do. I hope I’m not rude, but the things we think about are also our food.

Searching for faults in others will not change what you need to address in yourself but to have peace of mind you can start by apologizing for something hurtful that you’ve said. Before you go off running to apologize to your friend, take a look around your space and remove what is out of place.

Do you want to sleep well? If you do, you have to love the person reading these words. I don’t know if you are a complainer, and I hope not. I hope you have a grateful heart. A grateful heart is fertile ground for your happiness to thrive. Being grateful is priceless, and you don’t want to operate with less.

If you can stop judging yourself, you’ll win more of your daily challenges. Having peace of mind doesn’t mean you’ve never failed. It’s time to dust off your self-image and try again.

Wait, I hope you are not expecting your friend to love your first. Be your own best friend, and the next time you go to the mirror remind yourself you are a masterpiece. Then, immediately, your love for self will begin to increase. I bet you will sleep better tonight. If you don’t, it’s because you have forgotten whose image you were created in.

When you look at you, SEE LOVE. When you speak to you, TALK LOVE. When you think about you, THINK LOVE. Then love will radiate from you.


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2 responses to “I Bet You Sleep Well Tonight

  1. Richard, I always look forward to my visits here. Your insights and positive reinforcement is so important and nurturing to the heart, mind and soul. When I engage in your messages here I am inspired to realign my perspective.

    Right from infancy we learn that we are frequently going to fall down yet our greatest instinct and triumph in life is finding a way to get back up again and take on life head on. We are quick to place blame on others, on our surroundings yet deep down inside we discover the realities that we alone have the ability to influence and change.

    Having read your marvelous publication ‘Going Beyond Limitations’ and followed your empowering insights shared here I have come to the realization that whatever happens each moment of every day and how we respond to what has taken place in our lives will in large part be influenced by how we perceive things and what our outlook on life is at any given moment. If we anticipate that our day will be wrought with negative circumstance then that is how we will perceive our day regardless of how positive it may have been.

    I know that when I plan carefully for each day and seek to achieve more than I did the day before by staying focused and completing what I set out to do…I feel so good about what I accomplished and in turn so do those around me…loved ones, friends, family and my clients. And when I lay down each night I truly do rest well in the comfort of knowing I did my best, even better than my best!

    It is truly remarkable to see just how influential, just how inspiring words can be and your words here will never go unnoticed. Thank you for instilling the seeds of hope and desire that afford us the courage and strength to aspire to something better.

  2. Thanks Don for such kind words and I am glad that you were inspired to realign your perspective. In fact, I like what you said, “…we alone have the ability to influence and change.” the moment we realize that is the moment our life take on a new meaning.

    Thanks, Don, it is always a pleasure reading your comment too.

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