You Have To Act Like You Want It

stepping forward

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The thing you want may just be in front of your eyes.

I did a presentation with a group of youth two weeks ago and during the talk I held a copy of my book up, Going Beyond Limitations to make a point. I then asked who in the audience wanted this copy of my book and several hands went up. As I stood there looking at the audience in silence, I realized no one was coming forward for the book. I went on to ask the question again and again. Then finally one member of the audience walked up to the front and took the book.

“Do it, then you will feel motivated to do it.”Zig Ziglar

It’s like that for some of us at times. We want what we want, but we don’t act on it. This is just to remind you. Because when I look back on the amazement of the audience faces when all they needed to do at that moment was to act on the desire of having the book. One action can make a world of difference. What are you missing by not acting on your desire?

In life, we may not get a second chance to take action on our dream. Take it while it is available.

“I woke up this morning and realized that I don’t have what it takes to sit back and be average.”Unknown

I know it is always easier said than done but if you want to bring your dreams to life; you have to act like you want it. It is possible to have what you want, but the desire need action. What you want may not happen overnight but don’t make the time of achieving your goal stop you from taking action. As a matter a fact, you should be doing something daily towards your dream.

The‬ more you take action is the better you feel. If you want to feel better take more action.


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