Don’t Feel Guilty For Being A Success

a proud male and female for being successful

Image courtesy of ebony

I want you to take a look back on your life. Take a good look to see where you are coming from. Do you remember some of the things you had to do without? Do you remember when you wanted some things and you couldn’t get it? Despite how your earlier years have been, you made a decision to apply yourself. You decided to do whatever it takes (being that it is within the laws) to get you where you are. Making sacrifice after sacrifice may have been part of your journey. Then, why are you feeling guilty about your success?

To feel guilty for something that you have honestly earned is fighting an unnecessary battle with yourself.

Being that you are now successful, you are going to attract people who are not excited about your success. That’s part of life. However, you don’t want those who are not jubilant about your success get to you or cause you to feel guilty about your success. You’ve earned it, right! Then, don’t allow anyone to make your feel that doing better is a bad thing.

By you achieving something worthwhile out of life show to others that it is possible for them as well.

Being that you are now in a position to help those who are deprived of some of life necessity, you’ll then realize meaningful it will be because of the position you are in. Then, why should you feel guilty for having something others don’t have? Remember, you are the one who put in the work, (of course with the help of others) the time and the effort to make what you are now enjoying a reality. In short, you’ve earned it.

Guilty, you shouldn’t be.

What you should feel is, being proud of your achievements! 

Others have done it, so can you!

Let’s make up our minds to be!


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2 responses to “Don’t Feel Guilty For Being A Success

  1. I have always believed that success is like respect…it is not rightful, it is earned. And once we have earned a measure of success we need to recognize all the hard work and focus that went into that success…and with that success we are more than capable of even more/greater success.

    If success has come honestly we should feel nothing but pride for our accomplishments. My wife and I co-managed retirement properties for a very large independent living property owner/administrator company and we were the recipients of a selective award bestowed by the company to a very small number of employees each year who displayed exceptional initiative and achievement emulating the company business model and most importantly providing our resident clients with the kind of warmth, safety and happiness they so richly deserved in their final years of life.

    For my wife and I, being acknowledged by our employer in that significant way was truly a measure of success for our efforts, a focus on superior services that was acknowledged and celebrated in kind by the very clients we served. Because that success and recognition was the culmination of tireless caring and effort on our part for five years, day and night, a truly honest effort on our part, there was never a moment of any self-doubt or guilt.

    Thank you once again, Richard, for your own tireless focus on helping others gain invaluable perspective on this and so many other aspects of our personal lives and career aspirations…for if indeed we possess aspirations to succeed then success should be just and due reward for our honest contributions toward that end…and certainly not something we should feel the least bit guilty or uncomfortable about.

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