Exercising Is Important Too

someone walking

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What excuse do you have not to exercise?

For me, exercising comes easy. It is now a lifestyle. I may be a little different from you because I have been physically active for as long as I can remember. In fact, if I don’t exercise I can feel it in my body where it feels like something is missing. Exercising helps with developing discipline and that discipline then spread into different areas of my life. As a result of working out I also feel better and have more energy to take on others things in life.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.”Unknown

Well, not everyone finds it easy to put their clothes on and get out to do some exercising. What I don’t want you to forget is that our health is our wealth.

“I am tired.” Well, you may be thinking that you already have a long day at work and you may have been very focused on the goal you are working towards.

However, a little exercising will not hurt. Why? Exercising helps with clearing our minds. Also, you are going to become more confident and you’ll also respond better to life daily challenges better.

You’ll realize that working out is not only for looking good, but looking good is a good byproduct of exercising.

The results are great. What excuses do you have not to exercise?

However, in living your best life being physically active is required. On the other hand, to live your best life is going to take commitment. Exercising will help you to feel good, but it takes some serious effort. It will be an effort that’s worth it.

“It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you don’t stop.”Confucius

Make today the last day you find an excuse for not exercising. If  it is not a regular practice for you to exercise, don’t be hard on yourself. You can start small and work you way up. Just remember, exercising is important. If you are thinking about living your best life, it is time to hit the pavement.

*If execising is not yet a habit get a friend you can count on to be your accountability partner.

When you are happy you are more likely to be more productive and it is scientifically proven that exercising will make you happier.

 Take the challenge to better your life, for the better.


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