Go Where The Action Is

Circle. Square. Example.

We all can learn from others!

There is no way you can be everywhere at the same time. Therefore, you should choose wisely.

Don’t be scared to go where you’ll be challenged. Where you’ll have to think outside the box. Where other people are enthused about what they are doing. When you do, you’ll learn more about yourself and will also be inspired by their action and enthusiasm.

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”Pablo Picasso

Besides, if your current environment or the place you are frequent most is not making you stretch or providing you with insights on how to better yourself, you may need to go where the action is. Go where others will ignite the fire within you. In fact, you may have heard, “If you are the smartest person in your group, you need to find another group.” Likewise, if you are the only person in your group taking action, you need to go where other people are taking action. Why? “Iron sharpens iron” and you’ll also learn some of their principles. Methods that you can later apply to what you are doing.

Once you decide to go where the action is, remember, whatever you learn as a result of you stepping outside your comfort zone will be on you to apply it to your life. No one can take your action for you. As well as, no one can apply what you learn to your life for you.

As of today, stop letting those who are taking action intimidate you.


Thank you for your support!

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2 responses to “Go Where The Action Is

  1. This is very significant in my own circumstances Richard. I decided quite some time ago to reach higher, further, well outside my comfort zone yet to a place where I felt I could achieve results that otherwise weren’t happening. It takes time and focus but I realized positive forward movement.

    I did indeed feel challenged but when I received very positive feedback from clients my confidence level rose in leaps and bounds! I came to the realization that indeed I was capable of achieving more but I had to take the steps to get there. There is never regret having achieved better things in our life and career. That reaffirmation inspires me to move forward in the pursuit of my goals without fear about my own capabilities. It is truly rewarding.

    • Don, appreciate you sharing thoughts. Indeed, we have to go outside our comfort zone if we are serious about growing and improving. When we consciously put ourselves in the position to be challenged we normally tap into a part of us that we wouldn’t otherwise.

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