My 10,000 Challenge

October 1 Challenge! Fun & Fitness!

I have shared with you in one of my posts that I’ve done 10, 000 push-ups in a month. That’s 30 days. I have done my second 10, 000 challenge in a month and I have been getting the request to do it again. However, before you think it’s not doable, I want you to think about something you once thought you couldn’t do.

Let’s have some fun!

I’ll be sharing the picture via my Facebook Page.

If you have done what you once thought you couldn’t, then you have a great shot of doing this challenge.

That’s 10,000 push-ups. 10,000 abdominals in 30 days. You can do it! That’s 335 per day!

And I know you really want to improve yourself and be on top of your game!

Do you want optimal health? Sure you do!

Do you want to look your best and be sexier? Of course, you do!

Are you ready to supercharge your life with more energy and zest? Of course you are!

Surely you are ready to be more attractive, physically, spiritually, mentally and even financially! And you know deep down inside that it all starts with a small shift and a real commitment to excellence!

 The first challenge was a success. (I’ve been doing the challenge with some other members in my other communities) I want YOU to be a part of the success. 

You deserve to have a healthy body and vibrant smile that radiates energy and authenticity!

Are you ready to do what it takes to have it? Yes, you are or else you wouldn’t be reading this now!

You must make the commitment to get the results you want and you know it’s true.

Who wants to watch infomercials on other people’s results and still be sitting on the couch out of shape? Not you! You are ready to swing into action and you are in the right place at the right time with the right coach.

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You already know that we are creatures of habit and you know that you just need to create better habits so you can get better results.

To build your muscles, you have to use them! Then you’ll have the biceps and rock hard thighs and a six pack to show for!

If you are ready to get started, then let’s take the pledge……and say it like you mean it!

I pledge to rise each morning with a big smile on my face and gratitude in my heart…

I pledge to hit the floor running, knowing that my destiny is in my own hands and that my success depends on being a slave to good habits!

I pledge to…..

Action plan……
Step 1: Goals
Step 2: Start date October 1, 2015
Step 3: Who will support you throughout the 30 days

Accountability partners or check-ins…


Thank you for your support!

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2 responses to “JOIN ME IN TAKING THE 10,000 CHALLENGE!

  1. Richard, I am very late arriving here but I have been aware of your inspired challenge. Though physically challenged with osteoarthritis I am as convinced as ever that remaining active is a critical part of my well-being and I have increased my frequency of walking outdoors again…really enjoying the cleansing of the mind that I experience simply by dedicating 45 minutes to an hour, stepping away from the office and everything else.

    I make that my time and my wife joins me when she can. The benefits are numerous…not only physical and mental but by engaging in exercise with my wife I find that there is renewed connection and bonding between us in the process. It takes discipline but once we begin to feel the benefits, we get stronger with each passing day, more mentally alert…there is a growing sense of inspired urgency to continue that physical challenge where seemingly none existed before.

    As always, Richard, thank you for inspiring us to reach further, higher and greater enthusiasm and commitment…the resulting benefits speak for themselves!

    • Thanks for sharing Don It’s great that your wife joins you on the walks, as when couples work together in any endeavour it always helps to strengthen the bond. In fact, it is imperative we exercise. It doesn’t have to be as challenging as what I​ am doing but as you shared it helps with mental alertness. Have a blessed​ day!

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