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Don’t limit yourself!

How are you responding to what happen to you? I hope you are not allowing a bad day to stop you from believing in what’s possible for you. I’ll say this because it is important that you know that being optimistic about what you want to gain out of life despite adversity is important. Why? If you don’t have an optimistic outlook in the face of adversity, you may miss the opportunity to see the opportunity.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr said it best, “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” Don’t make having a bad day beat you into being a pessimist. You want to win. Be optimistic. See yourself winning. See yourself finishing. Stay on the alert!

“The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking.” –Robert Schuller

Therefore, even in your testing moments you should not forget the reason you have decided to create the type of lifestyle you want to live. Remind yourself of the fact that even if yesterday wasn’t the best of days that doesn’t mean tomorrow will be the same. You can say with me, the best is yet to come.

Think of the possibilities.

Remember, whatever you are going through I want you to believe that what you want to accomplish is POSSIBLE. Can you imagine that which you want? If you can, then it’s possible!

It is going to be the thoughts that you dwell on when things are not working the way you want them to will decide if you succeed or stay stuck. 


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2 responses to “IT’S POSSIBLE

  1. Great points Richard and I love the quotes too!

    If we have any doubts about achieving, about a positive awareness and belief in possibilities we need only look back through time. Our global history teaches us the countless great achievements and advancements that have been accomplished since the beginning of time. The mystery behind the absolute perceived impossible, in my mind, was the building of all those massive pyramids in historic Egypt. How could that possibly be achieved?

    At one point in time there was no concept nor belief that exploration and manned flight into space would ever be possible. The list goes on and on and most of them are monumental achievements in the history of mankind.

    One day not that long ago in relative terms man took first steps on the moon. It was astounding, historic, unprecedented and heralded as one of the most significant events in history. Space exploration is now more and more distant and some day man will soar to incredibly distant galaxies and the possibilities of discovery are limitless.

    If mankind did not have the capacity to believe in possibilities we would have no history, no progress, no life-changing achievements to strive for.

    • Thanks, Don. Your last line sums it well, “If mankind did not have the capacity to believe in possibilities we would have no history, no progress, no life-changing achievements to strive for.” We have to have that deep-seated​ belief in the possibility.

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