Loving yourself is the best gift to yourself!

What is your attitude towards yourself? Honestly, how do you treat YOU on days when you fall short of reaching your goal that you have set for yourself?

Have you realized that the perception you have of yourself has a lot to do with how society depicts beauty? It’s in that sense that you may have been comparing your beauty and self-worth because your comparison is with the images that you’ve seen on the internet, in the magazines, and on the TV.

Your physical beauty will capture the eyes, but it’s your inner beauty that will capture the heart.

The time you take to compare yourself thinking you are not beautiful, you are suppressing the most beautiful part of you. Your inner beautiful of which is incomparable.

In fact, most of the images you’ve seemed and has been comparing yourself to, of which caused you not to like yourself because you think you are not beautiful was enhanced to depict what they want to see or better yet, to alter your perception on what is beauty.  If you haven’t yet accepted yourself, it’s important you do so now. Why? It is a valuable component in stepping into your greatness and the best thing that you could ever do for yourself.

“Don’t underestimate yourself by comparing yourself with others. It’s our differences that make us unique and beautiful, Be YOU and Love YOU.” –Unknown

Therefore, your attitude towards yourself, how you feel about YOU will have a huge impact on your self-image and your confidence. That is to say, how you see yourself is going have a direct influence on how you value yourself.

Remember, don’t underestimate yourself and the attitude you have towards yourself will either keep you stagnant or propel you forward. You have full control of that choice, the choice of having the best possible attitude there is towards yourself. I hope you make the right choice!

In creating a life that feels good on the inside, you must know that your attitude towards yourself plays a critical role in the process.


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  1. Great food for thought Richard! These are such important values that you are helping to instill in our conscious thought processes about ourselves.

    I’d like to share something here that I have seen more and more experts, highly successful in their endeavors, share themselves about success and how they got there.

    One of the greatest tools in our arsenal for acquiring MORE is KNOWLEDGE. We need to read, read and read yet again in order to learn. Regardless of what we set out to do with our personal lives, our careers, what have we always needed to do in order to achieve our goals? We’ve had to LEARN, acquire knowledge and apply it in the pursuit of success.

    I read extensively every day and although it can prove tiring at times on top of all else we need to do in the course of our day, knowledge is a powerful thing to possess. In order to pursue our goals, our aspirations, our dreams…we must have the confidence, the self-esteem to believe we are fully capable of achieving what we set out to do, to achieve. I get excited just sharing on this topic here with you and your readers and I hope they will do the same.

    When I read I have already acquired the KNOWLEDGE and the CONFIDENCE to be able to do TODAY what I could not have done yesterday. Why? Because I did some research and acquired the knowledge necessary to press forward with what it is that I want to do.

    Example: I came to realize the critical importance of ‘search engine optimization’ implementation on my website in order to ensure that I am found in search engine results when people search for what I have to offer through my business. I got busy researching how to go about implementing that optimization of my website and today my site is listed a multiple of times in the top ten search results listings on Page 1 of the top search engines.

    If I had not bothered to read extensively to gain the knowledge needed to achieve those results my website would flounder for a long time to come…or at the very least I would have needed to hire a professional to do that optimization for me at considerable cost.

    We have so much information (free) at our fingertips on the internet, in libraries, in trade and industry magazines, in books….it’s all there. Once we begin to achieve success even at the research/reading level we begin to realize just how much we are capable of achieving…and that is powerful personal motivation…it doesn’t get any better than that!

    I seek greater knowledge each and every day…because KNOWLEDGE is empowering and enabling. I LEARN to discover and understand…I apply that KNOWLEDGE in order to succeed…BECAUSE I KNOW I CAN!

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