Don’t be afraid to start the journey!

You have heard that we all have to start from where we are, and that’s the truth and if it is nothing, start there. It is also true that many people that we admire today have started from nothing as you may have heard the phrase, “From nothing to something” and if that’s where you are you too can be something.

What you believe about yourself today can be the driving force behind what you become tomorrow.

Starting from nothing is not a crime, but if we do nothing we should not blame anyone for not trying. In fact, and to paraphrase, we’ll miss every shot that we don’t take and if we are serious about being what is possible to be we should be willing to take as many shots as we possibly can. We may not make all the shots, but we should at least take them.

Starting from nothing is not a crime, but you know what? Despite the situation, we still have something.

Don’t worry about where you are or even worry about what you don’t have because that is not going to do anything about changing the situation. In fact, it may cause the situation to become more unbearable but if you try to do something about the situation and even if it doesn’t work out you still gain even if it’s just the lesson.

Do you know what, though? You are one up on those who refuse to try, but what I want to get at is that you still have it in you to be unstoppable; you still have in you to be something. What will that be? It’s up to you to decide, but I want you to say this with me, I WILL NOT BE, STOPPED.

It’s in me, and I am going to get what’s in me out.


Thank you for your support!

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  1. Bloom where you are planted and take it from there!

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    There is always something to be learned from post but I have this to say that it is sometimes difficult to start something especially when there is no support or back up. Please can you give more tipps. Thank you.

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      You are correct. It can be difficult but if you know exactly what you want you can search for groups who are doing something similar or have the similar passion for what you want to do.

      You can be empowered through others that share similar interest or desire. Also, you can seek out a mentor or coach who can help you build up the confidence and courage to that you’ll need to go after your dream.

      Do you have a friend that you can trust? Share your goals with them and ask for feedback.

      Don’t be afraid to ask for help! That can be difficult but if we don’t ask we’ll never know…

      All the best for the week ahead!

  3. When we look back in history, our forefathers, many of whom migrated to our nations to build a new life, from nothing but the shirt on their backs, and it all started with one fundamental thing…an idea. They discovered something that was needed, that would benefit people’s lives and they built it from the ground up. And that is exactly how home-grown success stories have happened throughout the generations.

    Starting anything new, like a startup business, takes a tremendous amount of learning, research and discovery examining and emulating those who have already been successful at a similar interest. There are those who step into an already fully established business venture and then again there are those who are seeding their new venture and find the ways to make it grow.

    Everything I have done over the last fifteen years I have learned through self-taught research. That is not an easy approach but it can work. Another extremely important part of starting something from the ground up is to have an experienced mentor, someone in your chosen endeavor who has realized success and is willing to share their methods with us.

    There are numerous resources available from the local library to books, industry/trade magazines, e-books on how-to pretty much anything imaginable, written by the experts. There are endless articles and blogs online today that we can draw upon as a tremendous knowledge base. Learn from others and as Richard has shared here often…learn from yourself, learn from successes and from failures too.

    The key is to avoid procrastination and start doing…today. It all starts with ideas, concepts, a platform from which you draw the inspiration and positive energy to persevere through the most challenging times. And at the end of each day you reflect on what transpired to find that you then have something you didn’t have yesterday, not even first thing this morning. THAT right there is fuel to burn on!

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