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Our relationships will affect our daily lives, and that can be either positively or negatively. I hope your relationship is helping you to become your most productive self. Then again, some people think that unhealthy relationships are abusive relationships. That’s a part of an unhealthy relationship, but there are more unhealthy habits that affect our relationships today.

“A healthy relationship doesn’t drag you down. It inspires you to be better.” – Unknown

The longer you pretend to be happy is the longer it will take for you to experience true happiness.

Relationships are essential, but keeping them healthy is even better. Do you believe you are in a healthy or unhealthy relationship? What are your partner’s aspirations? Do you feel comfortable supporting your partner’s endeavors? Well, let’s see what the classification of your relationship is. Below are a few tips to help you.

Signs that you are in healthy relationship

  • You always read on the same page.

To be on the same page is important in a relationship. By being on the same page, it can help with lessening the distractions. It will help with focusing on the things they want to achieve in life. With such dynamics, it can reduce the possibility of drifting. Also, it lessens the tag-o-war. By the same token, when partners know what they both want in life, and are committed to working together, miracles happen.

  • You disagree

Most partners usually think that disagreement is a sign of an unhealthy relationship, but that is not true in all cases. If you have never disagreed with anything with your partner, then there could be the possibility of someone not being sincere. Through disagreements, you may just get to know your partner better. It will shed light on boundaries that if crossed intentionally can cause a breakdown in the relationship.

  • You trust each other

You should be able to trust those you are in a relationship with. In fact, it is essential. If you can your partner despite the opinions of others, then that is a clear sign you are in a healthy relationship.

  • You give and receive support

To have a healthy relationship you cannot always be on the receiving end. A healthy relationship encompasses giving and receiving support, and I do believe it should come naturally. Moreover, giving someone support can boost their confidence. The more confident you are, the more you’ll get done.

Are you respected?

Signs of unhealthy relationship

  • Negativity increases the more time spent together

If you find that negativity increases with the days and no sign of changes, that’s a clear sign of an unhealthy relationship. In fact, if your relationship brings out the worst rather than the best in you, that too is an unhealthy relationship. One’s relationship should bring out the best in them.

  • Dishonesty

If you always find it difficult to face your partner and tell him/her what is bothering you, then that is a clear sign that you are in an unhealthy relationship.

  • When things aren’t going good, they disappear

In tough times is when you are going to need the most support. You and I know that it is easy to be part of a winning team. However, when someone part with you when things aren’t going well you know you are in an unhealthy relationship.

  • Having unrealistic expectations of your partner.

If you think that your partner will solve your self-esteem issues, your body image or problems that you are experiencing at work, then you are not in a healthy relationship. The same also applies if you always blame your partner for all your mistakes.

I believe for the most part we know if our relationships are healthy or unhealthy. Some of us continue our relationships hoping that the other person will change or in some cases they just can’t be bothered to start over again.

Before we point fingers and say it is the other person that need to change, let’s look within ourselves first.


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  1. I have been on both sides of relationships, negative and positive. Relationships begin on a positive note as we foster a personal connection or bond between each other but as the relationship develops it sometimes takes a differing and less enduring change in direction.

    The biggest mistake I made in the past was not fully recognizing when the relationship was turning negative and sadly, though mature adults, neither of us seemed to have the capacity to look deep enough into each others thoughts and needs to resolve those negative issues between us…and ultimately we drifted aimlessly and permanently apart.

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