Truck in traffic!


I am still learning and my drive time helps with that process.

I have shared with the youth and adults at my speaking engagements that I am a student of Automobile University, and then they look at me funny. They looked at me funny because they never heard the phrase before. I remember when I first heard it, thinking to myself what that is, and was it cheaper than a regular university? To make it clear, it is a substitute for higher education, but your life can improve as a result, and there is no specific enrollment date. You can do so today!

It’s time to get you enroll if you haven’t already. Before you do, let’s define Automobile University. It was a phrase coined by Motivational Speaker Zig Ziglar. Automobile University is where you listen to audio programs in your car being it on leadership, personal development, how to deal with difficult people or how to invest, just to name a few. If you commute to work, it’s a good way to expand your education. On an average and being that you are a car owner, it states that American drives 12, 000 miles to 25, 000 miles each year. That’s a lot of time spent driving and time is something that we cannot regain, so let’s use it wisely.

Let’s see what you’ll learn tomorrow!

Parents, if you transport your kids to school, to their games or any other events that are helping them why not have them listen to something meaningful, positive, and of which will, in turn, foster positive habits early in their lives. Remember, we have a great responsibility to mold our youth in the best way possible, and we cannot leave all the responsibility on their teachers and coaches. Help them to develop the right attitude towards life while they are in your presence. You may have heard, “train up a child in the why they should go and when he or she is old, he will not depart from it.” Your habits later become your kid’s habits.

Use your driving time as learning time. In fact, it helps with gaining knowledge from books that you may not get the chance to read. Remember, we are influenced by what we expose ourselves to and our mind is our greatest asset. Therefore, it is imperative that we put in it information that will or at least help us to maximize our potential. You may not get a certificate, but you will gain insight and a new perspective on life.

What is your favorite audio book?


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