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Sometimes we find ourselves guilty by association and therefore if your objective is to be happy and you find that the people you spend most of your time with are doing things that will only keep them in the state of unhappiness, you know what to do. You don’t, but you may have heard that if you can’t change your friends, change your friends. Well, what is it that happy people don’t do. When you are happy, you shine brighter and do you want to shine brighter? I bet you do!

“It’s not happy people who are thankful. It’s thankful people who are happy.” -Unknown

Let’s see how many of your friends or yourself are free of these practices that contribute to unhappiness.

“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” -Oscar Wilde

Some of the things happy people don’t do are:

  1. They don’t compare themselves to other people.
  2. They don’t care about the opinions or about what others think of them.
  3. They don’t bring people down or magnify the bad things in people.
  4. They don’t hold themselves hostage to their past mistakes.
  5. They don’t wait on you to love them before they love themselves.
  6. They don’t ignore their passion for pursuing some other endeavors so they can be accepted by others.
  7. They don’t envy others for what they have, but focus and be grateful for what they have.
  8. They don’t surround themselves with people whose agenda is to talk negatively about others.
  9. They don’t wake up daily and look for all the things that are not going right, to dwell on.
  10. They don’t give up a moment or a chance to make someone happy.
  11. They don’t allow hate to occupy the heart, because before they hate they forgive, and show love to themselves as well as others.

Don’t take what you have for granted.


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2 responses to “11 THINGS HAPPY PEOPLE DON’T DO

  1. I checked off a few on this list…need to work on others. I am on my way to being happier. :-).
    Thanks for the list

  2. I know that I need to have greater focus on this list Richard. Many of these types of practices or beliefs that we easily fall into the habit of doing however influenced. I check myself when I find that I carry any negative thoughts and it helps me to refocus on what really matters.

    My mother was always wonderful for sharing personal beliefs or sayings and two of her favorites were: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (The Golden Rule). Mom was true to her word always and a great inspiration for me. Our focus really does influence our lives including what we are able to achieve during our lifetime.

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