Do you know that people who are more knowledgeable than you, quits? I say that to say this, on this journey where things that we haven’t foreseen happens we have to remind ourselves that, “We can” and that in itself can carry more weight than what you know. Why? Life is going to present things that we do not expect, and that’s why being resilient is necessary. Let’s look at some ways to be more resilient.

“However long the night, the dawn will break.” -African Proverb

I find the above quote to be inspiring and encouraging. What do you think? However, you may be saying to yourself, how longer it will take before my dawn break. Moreover, this could be the day!

#Immerse yourself into your passion

Some of us are naturally more resilient than others, however if you have a clear sense of purpose for your life you can enhance your ability to be resilient. You see, a man or woman with a clear vision (purpose) can withstand any adversity. Life becomes more interesting when we are doing things that are meaningful to us.

You may have to work a little longer, so make up your mind right now to do it.

#Be Optimistic

If you haven’t already, and you want to become more resilient make it your priority to be optimistic daily. Being optimistic is not ignoring the problem, it looking at the bigger picture and in such a state you’ll be more likely to see opportunity. I know firsthand what dealing with adversity feels like, but I can assure you that the possibility of breaking the drought is possible so don’t lose hope. If you feel you are losing hope, start helping whoever you can with whatever you can. Helping others can also build your resiliency.

It’s in you to bounce back!

#Help others

I know you want to experience what you are capable of and therefore, don’t spend all your time watching those who are getting ahead, when what you should be doing is spending more time doing the things that will get you ahead. Moreover, the best of us picks up momentum after several tries, and some after the small daily progress. Stay in the game because that’s the secret to winning.

You may fail at what you have started, but the possibility still exists to win at that same thing you have once failed. 


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