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A Minute Away – Thursday Night at the Fight

AMinuteAwayHave you seen a Thursday Night at the Fight at G.C. Foster College? It’s a night of FUN and swollen eyes and lips too. But all FUN. There are so many things we learn from life. Sometimes we are so close and don’t even realize it. You may have seen in movies where individuals gave up just before the help they wanted showed up. You may want to say that’s just a movie, but a lot of movies are a depiction of real life events. Also, you may have seen individuals who gave up when the challenge seemed to be fighting back with all its might.

The truth – No one said it was going to be easy, but you should never forget that you are stronger than you think. In fact, I truly believe that the closer one gets to their goal, the harder it gets. It’s not always physically harder, but the pressure and fatigue can be so overwhelming from the wear and tear of being on the journey.

College reflection- I remember in college a friend of mine gave up a minute before his victory. Let me share how it went down. At G.C. Foster College during my time there (2001-03) a total of six grub men were chosen to represent each dorm in boxing. Thursday Night at the Fight and Boxing after Dark had nothing on us. Well, that’s what we thought. Thursday Night at the Fight was an event that even the past students were very thrilled to come out and watch, not just to see grub men punching at each other but for the fun and camaraderie that has been developed. The night was going good, a lot of excitement and then it was time for our middle weight fighter, Lymph Nodes (his grub name, we all were given one) who was representing “tranx” and our slogan was TRANQUILITY WE HAVE THE ABILITY. However, the night of the fight Lymph seemed to forget the slogan, well, more so in the third round of the fight. He led the first and second by an immense margin as he threw punches left and right to his opponent’s body. At the end of round two, we were all celebrating because there was no way Lymph was going to lose the fight.

The third and final round was on its way. About a minute or so into the third round the tables turned and his opponent started to return the punches left and right to Lymph’s body. Lymph’s opponent punched him SMACK in the face and before we knew it, he started to cry quits. He even said at the time after the punch to his face that he had asthma, and although we begged him to stick it out for us to the end (he was a minute away) he decided not to. He lost because he gave up, though he was really close to victory. You too could be close, so don’t give up. Sometimes we give up when life hits back at us, when we feel the pressure, when we get an unexpected challenge or when it feels too hard to continue. Don’t give up. Remember, it is in those moments that your strength is been tested. It is not time for you to quit. In fact, all you may need to do is make some adjustments and draw your laces tighter. However, quitting should not be an option. Lymph lost because he gave up too soon. He could have easily won if he had found the courage to continue after the punches that his opponent threw to his body. Remember, life doesn’t only throw jabs, it throws upper cuts too.

Stay encouraged, and if you are currently faced with a challenge, I believe it is because you are capable. You are stronger than you think, so believe you have what it takes to win.

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Life Lesson: Know What To Ignore

Know what to ignore. I have said it is important to celebrate something about your life, anything and you’ll best accomplish that be you knowing what to ignore. It is imperative that we have the right perspective about life, because how we react to life is entirely up to us. On the other hand, know what not to ignore is vitally important, like those people who love and care for us, those who misses us and those who want the best for us.


Whatever you do in life, people are going have something to say. People are going to criticize you regardless of how you plan to spend your time here and as I told my student after his finals today not to waste time on things that don’t matter. It’s my pleasure to share life lessons with my students especially when I have the opportunity to meet with them in a one and one encounter. Provided that, I then told him what a friend of mine told me the other day about the higher the monkey climb the more the monkey exposed. I went on to say to him, the more you do in life the more people may talk about you and that is why it is imperative you know what to ignore. Furthermore, ignoring the critics is one thing but another important thing is to learn to ignore your own doubts, fear and limiting beliefs that you may have developed over time. Focus on what serves you. Have a bless one!

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