Richard A. Cross is a professor, an empowerment speaker and coach, and the founder of Energize Your Thoughts. But he didn’t start out looking quite so successful. As a young man, he had very little, sleeping on old clothes instead of a mattress, and he was often told he wouldn’t amount to anything. He soon proved the critics wrong, however, growing up to become an athlete, a police officer, and a restorative justice facilitator before transitioning into teaching young people how to overcome adversity in order to achieve what they once deemed impossible.

Find inspiring reflections and valuable tips on Cross’s blog .

“Book Reviews”

Going beyond limitations is certainly a Must Read!

Book Reviews


Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

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Going Beyond Limitations - Buy Now - Richard A Cross


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  1. Richard Cross has an outstanding achievement in ‘Going Beyond Limitations’. From front to back cover this professor, author and empowerment speaker touches heart, mind and soul with cornerstone elements of self-awareness, personal discovery and growth, attaining higher goals and embracing the capabilities we all have within us through inspired, motivating expression that is easy to digest and get excited about. I’m a dedicated fan of anyone who can instill positive outlook and elevate our deepest personal desires from dormant to actionable on every single page.

    The author’s story is moving, heartwarming and deeply compelling.

    When you want to believe in yourself for the first time, or again, look to Richard Cross…it’s all there, we just have to look a little deeper and act on what we find!

  2. You’re most welcome Richard. It was truly a pleasure to read ‘Going Beyond Limitations’ and I’m sure anyone who makes this treasure, a great Christmas gift, a part of their own personal library will embrace its every word.

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