My mission is to POSITIVELY EMPOWER 1 million YOUTH to be the best they can be.

Richard A. Cross is a professor, an empowerment speaker, life and empowerment coach, and the founder of Energize Your Thoughts. But he didn’t start out looking quite so successful. As a young man, he had very little, sleeping on old clothes instead of a mattress, and he was often told he wouldn’t amount to anything. However, he soon proved the critics wrong; growing up to become an athlete, a police officer, and a restorative justice facilitator in is early adult life. Now he shares his life lessons to teach young people how to overcome adversity in order to achieve what they once deemed impossible.

(Talks Are Tailored To Your Needs)

Going Beyond Limitations: Your Dream Is Possible

Average presentation length: 60-75 minutes

Richard A. Cross believes that Going Beyond Limitations will not only inspire you to achieve more but empower and equip you to live a more purposeful life and also this talk on going beyond limitations is suited for any organization. In this talk, I will be focusing on 11 principles that have helped me to become the person I am today. You can start implementing these principles immediately.


  • To empower students/adults to realize that they have the ability to make their dreams a reality.

Participant will:

  • Believe that their dreams are possible.
  • Be more aware of the fact that limiting beliefs are a matter of how they think.
  • Become more cognizant of the importance of a positive attitude.
  • Become more aware of the effect of self-talk

Going Beyond Limitations for High Schools and Colleges

Going Beyond Limitations for Non-Profits, Clubs and for Profits Organizations

Power Talk For Youth

Average presentation length: 25-45minutes

Richard A. Cross will share 45 powerful takeaways with your participants that will and not only have them thinking but to looking within themselves and at the same time realize what they will have to do to start creating their reality.

The time for us to be or best is TODAY.

Vision Board Creation

Average session length: 120 minutes

The best way to make what you want to take root in your mind is to make your vision visible to you each and every day. It will also, help you to refocus if you ever get distracted.

Vision board gives a visual representation of the goals and desires that you want to accomplish.

This will be 2hrs of FUN & EMPOWERMENT while putting together what you would want to accomplish in life. You need to make the vision plain so come and have fun doing it.

You may have wanted to create your vision board for the longest but could find the creative juice, time or all the images you need to make your vision board a reality.

Well, now is your chance to finally create your vision board. (Email me to find out when is the next session) racross13@gmail.com

It will be easier than you expect. It’s a guarantee! (Come with an idea)

“Empowering YOU to Be More, Do More and Achieve More!”

Richard passionately delivers his message, Go Beyond Your Limitations to both youth and adults. Having been the one told, that he himself would not make it, Richard understands the desire of wanting to give up. He understands falling into the negative pitfalls others sometimes set before you. He also understands perseverance, persistence, and the determination to never give up.

When Richard shares his experiences with you, when he provides you the tools to go beyond your limitations, he is doing it from his heart. He keeps it real and shows both youth and adults that anyone can be a success!

The Time Has Come To Go Beyond Limitations


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