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To have a conversation with a beautiful mind is refreshing. 

Now is the time, and you are in the position to initiate the conversation that you want to have. Besides, you don’t have to settle just for any conversation. You can set the tone. However, for you to have the conversation you want you may have to go outside your comfort zone. Moreover, there are many people that you have access to that thinks the way you think.

The course of your day will be influenced either positively or negatively, based on the conversation you entertain.

One of the reasons that it is important that we initiate the conversations that we want is that it feeds our spirit positively and not only that, it stimulates our mind.

“If you have the power to make someone feel good, you should.” –Unknown

For the past couple of days, I have been having conversations with people that I haven’t been conversing with, and every time that I got off the phone or leave their presence the thought of that was refreshing pops in my mind. If you have been delaying to reach out to someone you know now is the time especially if you share similar interest. Moreover, you are likely to tap into your own reservoir of what you know, but it wasn’t readily available because it was suppressed.

“Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.” -Unknown

Try be the initiator for a change. Set the tone for your next conversation. When you converse with a beautiful mind, not only your thoughts flow freely but you may just tap into suppressed insights and knowledge that you wouldn’t otherwise.  You can give it a try by calling the person you know that shares similar interest as you.

Challenge yourself today to make all the conversation you have to be a refreshing one.


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Question 21: How Do You Start A Conversation With Someone New?


Question 21: How do you start a conversation with someone new?

Listening plays a vital role when holding a conversation.

Starting a conversation with someone new can be a challenge, especially for an introvert. But these tips will help the shyest person to start and maintain any worthwhile conversation.

To start, you can compliment the person you want to talk with, make a positive comment, or ask them a question. I would say, make the question an easy one to begin with. Furthermore, having an unpleasant personality can shorten your conversation. Your body language says a lot about you, also. That is to say, to start a conversation with someone new, your body language should be welcoming.

I use to go to events and wonder why no one would approach me to start a conversation, until one day it hit me. I realized that it was because of how I was presenting myself. How I presented myself prevented other people from approaching me. A young lady that I worked with after graduating college couldn’t believe that I was the same person who sat one seat from her in class. In class, I used to stand or sit with my hands crossed and always had a serious face. I say that to say, it is our body language that is seen before we even speak. Remember, if you look mean or miserable, people will think you are. So try to have a receptive image, and that will do wonders for you when starting a conversation with someone new.

Say you approach a person you want to connect with, by having a smile on your face or a pleasant look, you will give a strong indication that you are a friendly person. Remember, it is easier to have a conversation with someone that comes off as friendly. For instance, I was at Starbucks yesterday and a young lady came and sat about 10 feet from me. She was on the phone and I heard her accent, which was from my home country. Immediately, I realized an affinity, and as soon as she got off the phone I approached her and said good evening. I then asked if she was from Jamaica. Sometimes it’s not that easy to recognize the affinity in someone, but if you are pleasant with your approach you’ll make it much easier to make the connection.

Having eye contact during your conversation is very important, because it shows that you are listening. Also, if you are in a sitting position, you want to make sure that you lean forward, which also shows that you are interested in what the person is saying. However, with leaning forward during a conversation try not to violate their personal space. The next thing that is vital during any conversation to show that you hear what the other person is saying is to nod. When you nod it shows that you understand what is being said.

Remember, listening plays a vital role when holding a conversation. In fact, conversation is a great way to express ourselves, feelings and ideas. Get yours started today. Share something and learn something, but more so, make your next conversation a meaningful one.

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