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We know what gets the people around us upset and for some of us, we keep pressing those buttons, but at the same time, we want them to show us that they care. Therefore, knowing that you know the wrong buttons, of which I am assuming that you also know the right buttons. Will you start pressing those right buttons? The right buttons will encourage, uplift and magnify the person or people that you are around.

Your kind words could be the difference maker in fulfilling a promise that someone has made to his or herself.

By pressing the right button, we can cause someone who is a coward or timid to gain the confidence to step into their greatness. You already know or have heard that there is power in our words. Therefore, for the next season, your season you want to make sure you are pressing the right buttons. What is so good about helping someone to realize within themselves that there is greatness, you too will get the chance to experience the positive energy. Isn’t that worth pressing the right buttons? Press the right buttons in the people around you and even those you come in contact with!

Don’t allow those around you to feel as if they are taking the journey that they are passionate about alone.

I say all that to say, you may be encouraged, motivated and empowered, but life is funny so if you are in the position to press the right button for someone it is imperative you do. The person you encourage today could be the very same person to encourage you tomorrow. So, despite knowing what will upset those who are closest to you, you can, and it is in your power to ensure whatever you say will help them to feel good about themselves.

You are amazing, and I am talking to you, YOU who is reading!


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Give Your Gift Away

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” ~Rabindranath Tagore

Ms. Winter a woman of service! I went in Panera Bread and walked around for a few minutes looking for a seat to sit. To my surprise, more people were inside than what I expected. It was hard to find the perfect seat. I was there to write and wanted to feel comfortable to say the least. I decided to sit, and before I pulled the chair out, I changed my mind and sat across from where I initially chose. Then I looked around and after doing so I started doing what I came to do…Write! Well, that was what I thought before I overheard the lady sitting arm distance away from me say, “eh eah” to the person that she was on the phone with. I then turned to her and asked if she was from Jamaica, and she said, “Yes.” We then began talking. We talked about what we do, how long we’ve been in the US and how our views on possibilities have matured over the years of being here.

By talking to Ms. Winter I learned that all of her jobs were about serving other people, from schools to hospitals to the church to her community. She said helping others is not about the position we hold. She was clear on the fact that showing humility and compassion to others is not limited to a few, but all people can get involved. I said to her, certainly because if we let others know that we care about them, doing so can start a domino effect. Whereas those people will in turn help and be compassionate to others.

We continued our conversation and she shared that her transition to United States gave her a different perspective on life. Although her dad taught her well on how to be successful, the adjustment gave her the opportunity to grow into herself. I told her that being here in the States did the same for me and a lot more. I told her all along I thought that I couldn’t be more than a C student or an average person. I too have grown into myself and I now see that whatever we want to accomplish is possible. She agreed.

I know I was there to write my post, but because we had so many things in common the conversation went longer than I expected. Well, it wasn’t too long of a conversation because I enjoyed what she had to share. However, just before I was about to resume I asked her what advice would she give to young ladies. Without a heartbeat she said, “The first and foremost is for them to love themselves.” She then explained, “To love who you are is the core of becoming the person you are destined to be,” and I just listened attentively. Then she said, “The second thing that a young lady should know is that they are valuable and to love their imperfections.” She went on to say, “It is not that they are imperfect, but they have to love their skin and everything about their physical body, because we are all perfect beings.” Then it was creeping close to 7:30 pm and Panera Bread closes at 9 pm. I then looked down on the time and let her know that I would be starting my writing soon. She said, “I don’t want to take all your time away.” I said, “That is OK.” She then went on to say that, “Young ladies have to know that taking responsibility for themselves is very important.” I then confirmed that being responsible is a great character trait to have, because when you are responsible you eliminate the option of blaming others for your actions.” I went on to say to her that I needed to do my writings outdoors more often because it gives me an opportunity to meet other interesting people.

Life is about connections and when we connect with others we learn a lot more. Therefore, I encourage you to Talk to the next person you meet. You may find an affinity with them!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~Mahatma Gandhi