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Do You Like Your Gift


Do you like your gift

I hope you are not living your life

On the waiting list

You may not able to sing

But in you there is something

You may not be able to write

That doesn’t mean

You should give up the fight

You may not able to run

But you still have the opportunity

To have some fun

You may not able to speak

In front of a large crowd

Whatever you can do

You should still be proud

You may not be the most creative

But you can still be productive

Don’t consider yourself small

Because the next person is more talented

They may be struggling with something

That you had already comprehended

If no one validates your gift

That doesn’t mean your gift is not valuable

And don’t forget

Tapping into your greatness is always available

You have always given the compliment

But doubt yourself

Well it’s your time

To compliment yourself

Encourage yourself

Believe in yourself

And despite what yesterday has produced

You can still be better than you are

Because you have already been approved

“Life is God’s gift to you, what you do with it is your gift to God.” Unknown

Do waste your time wishing that you have some other talent, use whatever talent you have. 

We all have a unique way of doing things and the world wants to see how you do it.

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