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Today Is The Day To Stop Thinking You Have Nothing

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You may feel as if you have nothing because your problem seems to outweigh the possibility of finding a solution. But, surprisingly there are a lot of people around the world who may be having a similar problem. So how do you look at the problem? Do you see the problem as an asset or liability?

Remember, what you believe is what you see.

You may have heard the maxim, “Is the glass half full or half empty”. Does it really matter? The man or woman who tend to be optimistic (see the glass as half full) about their life situations are the ones who are more likely to find the solution. In fact, I’ve read where they have said the glass is actually full. That is, where there is no water, there is air.

“Every problem has in it the seed of its own solution. If you don’t have a problem, you don’t have any seeds.” -Norman Vince Peale

Do you have freedom? Do you have skills? Do you have health? Do you have friends? Do you have family? Do you see what you have as something or nothing? Have you been taking what you have for granted? Today is the day to stop thinking you have nothing!

Well to go back to where you may be thinking that you have nothing and today I am just looking at one aspect of all that you have. Your problem! If you can solve your problem you’ll be solving someone else’s problem.

Could your problem be your acres of diamond?

Russell H. Conwell the author of the Acres of Diamond said, “You can journey to the ends of the earth in search of success, but if you’re lucky, you will discover happiness in your own backyard.”

It’s time to take advantage of what you may consider as nothing!

If you can see the problem as an asset you’ll soon to realize its value. Don’t run from what seems to be your problem. Once you find the solution to your problem your solution is invaluable to those who have the same problem. Therefore, despite the situation you are in today you never want to think you have nothing!

Greatness can come out of what you are going through.


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You can get it

From your daily affirmation

And your affirmation

Can help you with your acceleration

I don’t know your thoughts

On positive thinking

But I know it serves us better

Than negative thinking

Because what you think

On your mind it will be imprinting


It is required daily

So don’t wait until you are in the valley


I have come to the conclusion that

There is magic in believing

And if you can believe

To your life you’ll bring meaning

Just like me

You may have questioned

The law of attraction

But for several weeks I have practiced

And I was immensely surprised

But with the practice I took action

And it enhanced the reaction


You can get it

From your daily participation

And it’s true

You can get it

From positive association

I don’t know if you are optimistic

And this is not about being unrealistic

Or materialistic

But you’ll be less likely to fall prey to the critic


You can get it

If you are willing to read something positive

Likewise from visualization

In your mind’s eye

You first formed the confirmation

As you look for the good

In life and your environment

Means you’ve realize a valuable piece

Of the requirement


And if you can’t get it on your own

That doesn’t mean the remedy is unknown

You may have to get help

To stay motivated

But whatever you do

Believe that soon

You’ll have your breakthrough.

You may not be upbeat and motivated every minute of day but you don’t have to linger in that feeling for the entire day. You can change your feeling by the mere fact of you changing your thinking.

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