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Dreams Are For Everybody

PossiWorkThese words are for you, and I mean YOU who think dreaming doesn’t make sense anymore. Just because the hills you once thought were going to be an easy climb suddenly became mountains doesn’t mean you should stop dreaming. In fact, mountains are good for you in a way (smiles), you’ll get stronger when you reach the top. Keep climbing!

Dreams are for EVERYBODY including YOU!

As I shared today with a fellow staff member at the college, it is our challenging moments that really define us.

With that being said, I want you to consider this – in each challenging moment or situation try to look for expansion. Why, because of the law of polarity. The law of polarity says wherever there is a negative, positive is always present. So, whatever your dreams are, you will have to realize that where there are challenges, the answers always linger.

However, what happens most of the time is that we put our full attention on the problem, because that is the easy thing to do. Of that behavior, I am guilty because I have done it too. In fact, the moment you realize that the answer you seek is closer to you than you think you will be less focused on the problem at hand. Change your FOCUS!

We need to stay motivated!

I am a student of Zig Ziglar’s work and I can recall him saying motivation is like bathing, therefore we need it everyday. Therefore, if you feel in the depths of your heart that there is something more to life than where you are, that burning desire to be, do and have, I will say this – NEVER let go of that because of your current situation. Motivation is necessary because we are going to be tested. Being motivated will give you that extra energy you need to continue the course.

When you are not motivated, doubts creep in.

I met with one of my students that I haven’t seen in three weeks and during our conversation the student questioned their need to dream. However, the student was one of the most outspoken and forward thinking students in my class the first time we met. What changed? This is what happened, and it happens to the best of us, especially when things are not going as fast or in the direction we think it should be, we relapse into our old ways of thinking. Yes, we start thinking that dreaming doesn’t make sense, we start thinking that we are not capable and that we are going to be judged by our past, the things we were involved in and so on. As I told the student today and want to tell you, there is no way you can go back and change the things you have done. What you can do is ask for forgiveness and most of all forgive yourself, especially for judging yourself on your past. Dreams are for everybody, not just those who have it easy. It is for you too who are facing everyday challenges.

We have heard of many who came from rags to riches.

Why not YOU?!

In fact, I could list a long list of individuals who came from and out of some of the most depressing, adverse situations but I would be remiss if I didn’t make mention of Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and Howard Schultz but you may know of someone who hits closer to home. So, whoever that person is, use their journey as a motivator, because you may just be that diamond in the rough.

So being taken aback by the student’s response I had to remind him of the commitment he made of becoming a role model for his kids. On that note, going backwards is easy, as you will see streets that you are accustomed to, but going forward holds the reward and at times more than you have dreamed of. ┬áDreams are for you too! God is with you always, and he’ll never give to you more than you are capable of bearing. YOU GOT THIS!