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Motivated By Past Pain – Naked


Motivated By Past Pain – Naked

I remember days when I would not

Look in my own face

Thinking to myself what the hell

I am supposed to do in this place

Running then was my escape

But most of the time when I’m back

My thoughts

Would be on what I’m lack

Before I knew it

It was the weekend

My mom has been up since six

Washing clothes with her hands

That wasn’t ours

Nor hers

By eight we would be

Marching beside and behind her

To clean this everlasting church


We would clean it

And all day what we would eat

Is oranges that is not yet ready to eat

Upon reaching home

I could see the sadness

On my mom’s face

Knowing she didn’t have anything

To put on our plates

Later we would be told

Lay on your stomach

Because this too shall past

That went on for awhile

I thought it was going to last


But when I leave home

You couldn’t tell

Because sometimes at my friends home

I would leave

Just when they are about to eat

I was more so thinking

Will they be eating anything at home

Upon walking away

In my stomach you could hear

The roaring sound

I didn’t know that those painful moments

Would lead to this

Where I would be expressing

What I’ve been through

On paper

Or the computer

At first I was embarrassed

About the whole thing

I would sometimes cry

Because what I was going through

I couldn’t come to grips

The reason why

But out of feeling inadequate

For more than half

My existence

My purpose was awaken

In me

Yet still I battled

With what I could be

Because it was easier to slip back

In the comfort of

Barely existing

Despite those tempting moments

There was a soft voice

 That reassured my existence

It was since then

I made a promise to myself

That with God

No matter what

I am going to change my circumstances

I did

It can be hard but you must still try.

It is possible to go beyond limitations. It may not be easy, but it is possible.

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Do You Find Yourself Running?

Do you find yourself running? What are you running to? What are you running from? Have you ever thought that it’s time to stop running? If so, you may want to take a look in the mirror? I have seen and heard where people get up out of one situation to another and still experience the same results. In some cases CommonDenominatorpeople even go as far as to change their jobs, spouse, community, and even their friends but never think of changing themselves. We may experience negative relationships and even problem at work or even our homes of which may derived from unsolved issues that have been overlooked.

However, what needs to be considered before any running off to what we may think is a better situation, or change our name or seek out a new environment to live. We need to take a deep look into what the common denominator behind the problems we face is.

Furthermore, most of the time the situations we have a problem with have more to do with us than it is with them. The fact of the matter is, if there is a problem we must be willing to take the time to search inward for change and if we can do that, we’ll see things in a different light. What I’m saying is, never too quick to judge, without confront yourself first.

What is so intriguing about the whole thing is that most of us spend our entire lives hoping that the circumstances would change for the better. As a matter of fact, circumstances only get better when we get better. So it is up to us to make sure we work on ourselves first, before we decide that we must start working on someone else.

Remember, whatever we refuse to deal with today is not gone, because we change the external aspects of life. We won’t be able to run far enough to escape that which we refuse to confront in ourselves.


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