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The Struggle Is Not A Life Sentence

TheStruggleIsNotALifeSentenceThe struggle is not a life sentence. The thing is, will you allow your struggles to keep you in bondage? I like to say that the struggle that so many of us encounter is what gives us the strength to conquer any other challenging situation that we may encounter later in life.  In Jamaica, to encounter struggles along the way is a must for many people. Be it financially or otherwise, there will be struggles. In fact, when you hear or read about individuals who have overcome hard times, you realize that the struggles seem to have an intrinsic value tied to it. It builds character. Character that is not easily broken. Floyd E. Morris is a great example of someone who excels in life despite a disability he had no control over. Floyd E. Morris overcame a horrible sentence of blindness and became the first blind president to be sworn into the Jamaican Senate. Isn’t that amazing? He became blind at age 17 from an unyielding glaucoma which slowed his progress. It slowed him, but it didn’t stop him. He had to make adjustments in several areas of his life in order to make the best of himself. You too may have to adjust in areas of your life to make the best of your life and remember, we have to learn to play with the cards that fate has dealt us. Although he became angry and depressed after he went blind, he later found the courage to continue. We all have within us what it will take to achieve the desires of our heart. For his full story you can find it in the Jamaica Observer, titled How Senate President Floyd Morris overcame the Horrible Sentence of Blindness. Furthermore, just as how Mr. Morris turned naysayers into believers, you too have to find the courage in you to continue despite the struggles to your greatness. Remember, you have what it takes to be great.

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