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8 Things To Remember If You Want To Be Successful

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Successful people

Believe in what you do. (1)

You have to keep your eyes on the prize.



You must believe that you deserve it.


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Is Your Focus Long-Term?

We all have a choice to choose what to focus on. From my perspective and from the many successful individuals that I have read about, long-term focus is vitally important. Too many times after a decision is been made and actions are taken and while nothing significant happened in the EnhanceOrHinderYourFocusshort-term there come the tendency to quit. In other words, giving up on our dreams is more likely to come from short-term focus. Success or failure doesn’t just happen, they both come from the things we do over a period of time. We have to be willing to take consistent action, follow up on the actions we have taken and be very impeccable on the things we focus on.

A person who’s focus is long-term have the tendency to hold themselves to a higher standard. Once you hold yourself to a higher standard you’ll be more in tune to take control of the decision you make and not so much in control of what the environment give you. On the other hand, if your focus in short-term and life throw you a curve ball, and life often does, you may take it as a sign for quitting. You most know however, that it doesn’t matter if it’s individual or organization, becoming successful always comes from long-term focus.

In our society today we are so caught up on the having it now syndrome. In fact, what we sometimes overlook because we are looking for the quick fix. Such thinking or behavior later becomes a long-term problem. Take for instant the size of the population, not the number of people but the weight of especially our kids. In my Sociology class just before the spring break we were looking at the impact of food on the society and how the habit of wanting our food right away have cause more problems than anticipated. The short-term focus there is to get something to eat quickly. The after effect most times are more expensive to deal with but because the habitual focus are on instant gratification.

It is time for a conscious shift in focus especially if we want to have results that benefit us in the long-term. We must commit ourselves to long-term results. We can always avoid the unnecessary expenses and pain if we can just change our focus.

You may know of the story of Sylvester Stallone (Rocky) but if his focus was short-term we may not now of him today. He was rejected on more than one occasion and although his dream didn’t come as quickly as he thought. I don’t know if he thought at any point that he may made the wrong decision on turning down the offer he got, but from the results of his success we witness a man with long-term focus. We have a lot of people today are have shown us the importance of having a long-term focus. Tyler Perry is one of my personal inspirations and he himself is a perfect example of someone who has a long-term focus. Both individuals were homeless at one point and we can clearly say both individuals have long-term focus.

If you have something that you are working towards and you don’t see/get the result you want as yet-keep going. I love what John Maxwell said, “We don’t mature momentarily, but over the long-term.” So don’t forget that, your focus will either enhance or hinder the results you experience.


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